Zapier is a third-party tool that allows you to connect your Wired Plus and other platforms together – without the need for a custom or complicated API. 

Zapier allows you to configure ‘Zaps’ or ‘calls’ that push or pull data based on the rules that you set up.

For example, you may wish to set up a rule that creates a new contact inside your CRM, once a new contact has been created in your Wired account. This means the data is linked automatically, without the need to manually move data in between your platforms. Other calls include unsubscribe, updates and dropped contacts.

How to get started

Step 1

Create a Zapier account and choose the package that suits you.

Step 2

Let us know that you would like to link Wired Plus to Zapier and we will send you an invitation to access the account.

Step 3

Start building a Zap. In this example we’re going to build a Zap that creates a new contact in your CRM when a new contact is made in Wired Plus. You can make this using your Zapier dashboard or using the shortcut via the invitation link.

Step 4

Start building your Zap. Each Zap consists of two parts: an action and a trigger. The Triggers takes place inside your chosen app, and once this process takes place, it will drive the Action to take place next. For example, if a Contact is made in Wired Plus (this is the trigger), this tells Zapier to complete an Action (making the Contact in your CRM app).

Step 5

Building a Trigger. At this stage there are three stages to complete:

  1. Choose App
    1. Choose either the Wired Plus app, or your CRM here depending on which Trigger you require.
  2. Choose Trigger
    1. Choose the Trigger that will kick start the push or pull of data. In our example, you would choose ‘Contact Create’.
  3. Connect Account
    1. Connect your Wired Plus account or CRM with Zapier.
    2. If you are connecting your Wired Plus account, you will need a username and password. This is an API Key which can be created by the admin user of your account and can be found under Settings > API Keys > Create API Key > give your API key a name (this is for your reference and is case and space sensitive, for example you may use ‘Zapier API’ so that it is easy to understand in your account) > once saved this will produce a Key for you, otherwise known as your password.
    3. Use this API key name and password to connect Zapier to your Wired Plus account. Please note: this process will be different when you connect your CRM and may differ between platforms.
  4. Pull in Samples
    1. At this stage follow the guidance to create an example Contact so that Zapier can confirm if your Zap is set up correctly.

Step 6

Building an Action. Follow the similar steps to create the Action that takes place.

  1. Choose App
    1. Choose either the Wired Plus app, or your CRM here depending on which Action you require.
  2. Choose Action
    1. Choose the Action that takes place when the Trigger completes.
  3. Connect Account
    1. Connect Zapier to your chosen app.
  4. Set up Templates
    1. Create a template to choose how the sync of data will take place. For example Wired Plus require an email address for each contact, so your template must include an email address. Here you may also wish to map other fields such as name and address into your chosen app.

Step 7

Turn your zap on and start syncing data!

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