When you create a new survey, you can choose from a number of settings relating to survey completion. 

Once you have designed your survey in the ‘Design’ tab, you can then specify the following:

  • Display a message: This allows you to specify whether a message is displayed upon survey completion or whether the user is directed to a landing page or website. Alternatively, you can choose for the user to be redirected to either a website or a landing page.  If you wish to embed your survey on your site, inside a landing page or use the link on your social channels, you must ensure the survey is Active. NB: If you are linking to a landing page built inside your account, please make sure this is Active or it cannot be used.
  • Select/Add List to assign to the respondent: Once the respondent has completed a survey, they can be added to an email list.  It may be useful to track which of your customers or contacts has completed the survey and adding them to a list allows you to do this.  You can choose from an existing list in your system or you can create a new list specifically for survey respondents.
  • When would you like to schedule the survey: This option allows you to schedule the survey for the most suitable time.  You may want the survey to be available for completion for a limited amount of time.  If so, you can choose how long the survey is available for by adding a survey start and end date. However, there may be some cases where you do not want to activate the survey immediately. If so, you can choose a message that potential respondents will see if they try to access your survey page.

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