How to edit the properties of a row in your email or landing page

When using the drag-and-drop editor, your email or landing page layout is built up using rows

You drag the rows inside your campaign, and then inside these rows, you’ll place content blocks.

In this post, we’re looking at changing the properties of a row in your campaign.

How to edit a row

To change row's properties, select an existing row. 

The right side of the editor will now display properties applied to the entire row (e.g. background colour) and some that apply to each column in the row. A row can contain multiple columns.

During this stage you can:

  • Delete the full row - Use the dustbin icon to complete this action.
  • Duplicate an existing row - Use the copy icon to complete this action.
  • Save the row - Use the save icon to save the row so you can use it in future campaigns.
  • Change the background colour for the row - Choose your colour or use a hex code to select an exact colour.
  • Change the content background colour (‘Content’ here refers to the middle section of the campaign rather than the whole row) - This allows you to have a different row colour to your content colour.
  • Whether to stack this section on a mobile device or not - All rows stack on mobile phones as default. This means anything that sits in a right column stacks under anything on the left, ensuring your device users can read the email or page. You may toggle this function on or off depending on your layout.
  • Whether to apply a background image or not - Add a background image by choosing one from the File Manager and use the full width, repeat, or centre options to further customise how this looks.

How to edit the columns inside a row

To edit a row inside the drag-and-drop editor, start by clicking on the row.

You will then see the 'Row Properties' panel on the right-hand side of the editor.

Scroll down until you see the new widget labelled 'Customize Columns'.

You can add a new column to the row by clicking 'Add new'. You will see the new column in your row so you add content to it.

You can adjust the width of the columns by holding the dots between the columns and dragging them left or right. You will see your row update in real-time so you can adjust the columns until your campaign looks as you want it to.

You can click on the different columns inside the 'Customize Columns' area which will then show you the elements of that specific column. You can click on 'Delete' to remove the column altogether.

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