How to delete an email campaign

When your email is in a ‘Draft’ state (it hasn’t been sent yet), you have the option of deleting the email.

Please note: Deleting an email is an irreversible action so consider whether you want to delete the campaign carefully before taking action.

To delete an email, navigate to your draft campaigns and find the name of the email you want to delete.

Next to the campaign name, select the cog icon on the left-hand side. 

Then, select ‘Remove‘ from the dropdown menu.

The campaign will then be removed from the system.

How to delete multiple emails at once

Navigate to your draft campaigns and for all of the emails you want to remove, check the box next to the campaign names on the left-hand side.

Then, click on the ‘Action’ menu on the right-hand side and select ‘Remove selection‘ from the dropdown. This will remove all of the selected campaigns from the system.

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