Create a plain-text version of your email campaign

When creating an email, you will need to generate a plain-text version of your email, as well as the HTML version.

This is important for three reasons:

  • Contacts may want to receive plain text emails. They may not be fully sighted, or they may be using an email client that does not display HTML.
  • Some spam filters will penalise emails for only containing HTML and no plain text version.
  • If your HTML version can’t be delivered, for example, if the recipient has a high firewall, your plain text version is delivered instead. This ensures your contacts still receive a message from you. 

How to create a plain-text version of your email

Please note: You should only generate the plain-text version of your email after completing your HTML design.

To create the plain-text version of your email, click on ‘Text Version‘ at the bottom of the drag-and-drop editor.

From this page, click ‘Generate Text from HTML‘. This will automatically generate the text version which will pull through your content and links from your HTML version. You can make adjustments by simply typing in/removing any text.

Plain-text emails can still include actions, links, and personalisation, but do not include dynamic content.

If you wish to use personalisation or add other links inside your plain text version, click the ‘Options‘ tab in the bottom left of the page, and use the modal pop out to apply the options you require.

Click ‘Save & Return to Design‘ when you're done.

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