Tasks can be set up to remind your team members or yourself that you need to take a particular action for a contact.

They can be viewed from your Marketing dashboard and your Agenda dashboard. Tasks are useful for planning and organising your working week.

To add a task for a contact, hover over ‘Subscribers’ on the navigation bar and select ‘Contacts’ from the dropdown. Search for the contact you want to add the task for, and click on their email address to open the contact’s profile.

When viewing an individual contact’s profile, you can add a task by selecting the ‘Add task’ icon from the contact's Summary page.

You will then be able to fill out the details for the task.

  • Task subject – Give the new task a memorable name.
  • Task detail – Specify any details and context for the task.
  • Assigned to – Select the user responsible for completing the task. 
  • Task due date – Set the date when the task needs to be completed by.
  • Task priority – Select the urgency of the task. Select from ‘Low’, ‘Normal’, and ‘High’. Note that the default priority for tasks in Wired Plus is ‘Low’.
  • Task reminder – Ensure that you or the user doesn’t forget to complete the task. Set a reminder to ensure that the task is completed by the set deadline.

Once a task has been added against the contact, it can be viewed on the contact’s profile.

You can complete, postpone, edit, or remove a task at any time. Just click on the three dots to the right of the task and selecting the relevant option from the dropdown menu. 

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