How to add tags to your email campaign

You can use tags to group your email campaigns together, which makes it easier to search for related campaigns. You may wish to use tags to group specific campaigns together using a tag such as ‘Welcome series’ or ‘Newsletter’.

When searching for the relevant tag, you will see a list of your email campaigns which have that tag assigned to it.

How to add tags to your email campaign

When you create a new email campaign, you can either add a new tag or select an existing one.

On the ‘Campaign Detail’ page of creating your email, click on ‘+ Add Advanced Settings‘.

Then, click on the ‘Campaign tags’ field to choose from the existing campaign tags that you have previously used. Alternatively, type in a new campaign tag and press the comma button on your keyboard to apply your tag. You can add as many tags as you like.

How to find your campaigns that have a certain tag

When a campaign has a tag assigned to it, it can then be used in a search to find all campaigns relating to the same tag.

To do this, navigate to 'Reports' > 'Campaign Summary' > 'Search'. The campaign tags filter as at the bottom of the search modal.

Filtering campaigns in this way can lead to better decision making as you can take a broad overview of all relevant data.

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