Add social icons to your email or landing page

Inside the drag-and-drop editor, there is a content block that enables you to add links to your social channels. This is the ‘SOCIAL’ block.

To add your social icons, drag the ‘SOCIAL’ block into your email/page design.

Then, click on the block to edit the content properties (this is where you can change the styling of the block and add your social media links).

Content properties

  • Select icon collection – Choose between the different styling options of the social icons.
  • Configure icon collection – Enter the URLs for each social icon. You can also delete an icon, and rearrange the order of the icons by dragging and placing them.
  • Add new icon – Choose a new social icon to add to your content block. Select from a social follow, social share, or another button format.
  • Align – Choose whether your social icons appear to the left, the centre, or the right of your content block.
  • Icon spacing – Adjust the amount of space between the social icons in the content block.

Block options

  • Padding – Adjust the amount of space between the social icons block and other content blocks in your email/page.
  • Hide on mobile/desktop – Specify whether the social block appears when the campaign is viewed on a mobile/desktop device.

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