Add icons to your email or landing page

Inside the drag-and-drop editor, there is a content block that enables you to add icons to your email or landing page. This is the ‘ICONS’ block.

This block allows you to create icon-based layouts, such as star ratings and bullet lists. You can use small images and text together in a single content block to provide more flexibility in your designs. 

Adding Icons

When using the drag-and-drop editor, drag an Icons content block into a row. A filler image will fill the content block - click on this to open the Content Properties panel. 

Click on 'Add new icon' to get started. A default icon will appear within your campaign. 

This content block works much like social icons content block - you can use the default icon, or you can change the icon image by using the 'Change image' button. This will open the file manager. You also have access to the image editor, if you use the 'Apply effects & more' button. 

If you use the 'More options' toggle, you will find some options that are specific to icon content blocks.

If you type in the Icon text field, the text will appear within your campaign. 

You can also add a link in the 'Url' field.

The 'Text position' dropdown allows you to change whether your text will populate above, below, or on either side of the icon image. 

If you have multiple icons, you can click and drag them in order to reorder your icons. Select the icon in the upper lefthand corner of the icon properties box to drag it elsewhere.

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