Add GIFs to your email or landing page

GIFs, or animated images, can be used inside your email or page and are supported by the platform.

Your file may contain an animated or layered image to add extra content to your email or page, but GIFs may also be used when a flat text image is required.

GIFs can be quite large, particularly if it is longer and more detailed. We suggest building up a campaign that contains no more than around 100kb of images to optimise delivery and speed uploading time. It is important to consider file size when choosing which files will be used in your email campaign.

Animated GIFs only render inside some email clients, for example in Outlook clients a moving GIF will render as static on the first frame within your layers. 

Other clients such as Gmail and Yahoo will render the GIF correctly in desktop and on mobile devices. 

Make sure you thoroughly test this function before you send out your campaign.

Email clients that render GIFs include:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • (not the desktop app)
  • Android and iPhone devices

Here’s an example of a GIF that could be used within an email campaign, built up of two layers – one white, and one blue:

To make sure this image renders for all users, ensure the first frame of the GIF could be used as a standalone image, just in case the email client only renders this.

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