Add emojis to your email or landing page

Emojis engage readers and can add playfulness and visual excitement to your marketing messages.

You can add emojis to your subject lines, email messages, and landing pages with the new emoji keyboard in the drag-and-drop editor. That means you can add your favourite smiley faces 😁, objects 🎉, hearts 💜, and more to your campaigns with a click.

Add emojis to your subject line

Adding emojis to your email subject lines can help to increase your email open rates.

To get started, create a new email or open your email draft.

On stage 1 of the email build, you'll be able to add the subject line.

On the right-hand side of the subject line field, you'll see an emoji icon. 

Click on this to open the emoji keyboard. Browse the different emojis and simply click on one to add it to your subject line.

Add emojis to your email body or landing page

You can also add emojis to the main body of your email or your landing page.

You can add emojis to the Text, Title, and Button content blocks.

If you're using an iOS device, select Command-Control-Space to bring up the emoji picker. On a Windows computer, right-click inside the content block and select 'Emoji' from the menu to bring up the emoji picker.

You can also copy and paste emojis from EmojiCopy.

Please note: Not all contacts will see the same emoji shape or style. The style of emoji your contacts see is based on their device, browser, email client and operating system.

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