Add a re-enrolment rule to your workflow

Re-enrolment means that you can set up triggers to a workflow to allow contacts to be enrolled multiple times.

By default, your contacts are only enrolled in workflows once unless you activate a re-enrolment rule or they are enrolled manually. 

If your contact matches your enrolment rule, they can be re-enrolled through your workflow numerous times.

Setting up a re-enrolment rule

After creating your workflow, you will move on to the next step which is ‘Re-enrolment’. 

On this page, you have the option to re-enrol your contacts back through your workflow multiple times if they match your re-enrolment rule within the start condition.

You need to select how many days or weeks you would like to wait before re-enrolling the contact. You can also run a test for the set period.  Click ‘Save & Continue’ when you’ve done to see a review of your workflow.

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