Add a menu to your email or landing page

Inside the drag-and-drop editor, there is a content block that enables you to add a menu of links to your email or landing page. This is the ‘MENU’ block.

With the Menu block, you can add as many links as you need, style the menu, and even create a beautiful version for mobile devices.

Adding a menu

When using the drag-and-drop editor, drag a Menu content block into a row. An empty menu block will appear within your campaign.

Once you have your menu content block, you will be able to build your menu using the Content Properties panel. To get started, click on 'Add new item'.

Use the 'Text' field to enter the text you want to be written in the menu, and the text will automatically appear in your campaign. 

You can add the text hyperlink through the 'Url' field. You can use different types of URLs, including email, SMS, and click-to-call. For web page URLs, you can also set the link to open in the same window or in a new tab.

You can also reorder your menu items by clicking on the icon in the upper left-hand corner of your item settings and dragging it elsewhere.

Designing your menu

Once you have added your menu items, you can use the settings in the Content Properties panel to customise your menu. You will find the text options here, and you can even change your menu layout from horizontal to vertical by selecting your preferred option from the dropdown. 

If your menu uses a horizontal layout, you can use the 'Separator' field to insert a text character that divides your menu items. The colour of your separator character will match the colour of the text.

Mobile menus

Another option available in the Content Properties panel is the 'Mobile menu' toggle. This allows you to generate a mobile-optimised menu for your campaign without creating two versions of your menu and using the hide on mobile/desktop option (although you can still do this if you prefer.)

Start by using the toggle button to turn on Mobile menu. This will expand some new options under content properties.

With a mobile menu, an icon will replace the menu content on a mobile device, which creates an expandable and retractable menu. By default, the mobile menu will always render vertically, and any separators that you're using will be disregarded. 

You can use 'Icon size' to change how large your menu button will be. You can also choose from a normal (square) or rounded menu button via the 'Icon type' dropdown.

The 'Foreground colour' will apply to the icon details, as well as the text colour once your menu icon is expanded. The 'Background colour' will populate only as the background colour of your icon. The background colour of your expanded menu will match what you have set as your content background colour. 

Please note: Mobile menus are not compatible with all email clients. A list of client support can be found below.

Email clientCompatible?
Gmail iOSNo
Gmail AndroidNo
Outlook iOSNo
Outlook AndroidNo
iOS nativeYes
Yahoo iOSNo
Yahoo AndroidNo

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