Add a divider to your email or landing page

Dividers give a clear indication of the different content blocks contained within an email campaign or landing page.

You can find these as a content block option when you’re working in the drag-and-drop editor.

To add a divider, drag the ‘DIVIDER’ content block into position inside your email or landing page.

Formatting options

Once the divider is in place, click on the block to edit the formatting options.

You will see the following options:

  • Transparent: Choose whether the divider is visible in the campaign. A transparent divider is helpful to add spacing to certain parts of your campaign. Please note, no formatting options are available if the transparency setting is switched on. 
  • Line: Choose how your divider appears in the email campaign. Formatting options are: Solid, Dashed, and Dotted. Select the colour of the divider and its thickness.
  • Width: Select whether the divider stretches to the full width of the campaign.
  • Align: Select whether your divider appears on the left, right, or in the centre of your campaign.

Block options

  • Padding: Adjust the amount of space between the divider and other content elements in your campaign.
  • Hide on desktop/mobile: Specify whether the divider appears when the campaign is viewed on a mobile device.

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