How does Wired Plus help me improve our Marketing?

Simple and Easy to Use

Our intuitive system means you can quickly and easily use the system and access key information to make the right marketing decisions.

Improve Your Marketing Return

Our powerful modules help you maximise engagement of your contacts. Using real time reports we make sure you boost your ROI.

Integrate your Data

Making sure all your business systems talk to one another helps your marketing decisions. We tightly integrate with all the core systems available in the marketplace today.

Capture New Contacts with Ease

Build and grow your target audience with our modules aimed at enhancing your customer experience. Our data capture forms and dynamic surveys push data directly into Wired Plus, which further segments and creates a custom profile, enabling you to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.
capture contacts with marketing tools

Become more Relevant with your Email Communications

Our drag and drop editor allows you to quickly create customised emails in minutes. Launch split tests to understand which content is more engaging and learn from the results to improve future contact. Insert personalisation to produce a highly relevant message for each person.
Email Communication relevancy

Nurture your Contacts with Marketing Automation

Bespoke Workflows allow you to provide a highly personalised experience for your audience. Use a combination of campaigns, delays, subscriptions and more to produce a very specific automated workflow that converts your contacts into paying customers.
marketing automation

Analyse & Improve your Marketing with Real Time Reports

Intuitive, powerful reporting that not only captures your results but presents them in a meaningful dashboard helping you to make better marketing decisions.

analyse and improve

We Empower you with the Perfect Marketing Toolkit helping you get Results

email marketing

Powerful Email Marketing

Send the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time and create a high conversion message.
landing pages

Easy to Create Landing Pages

Create powerful drag and drop landing pages that not only convert but look great.
lead generation

Lead Generation Forms

Capture the Right Contacts and Information with our powerful Lead Generation Forms.
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Software

Nurture your Contacts with custom workflows that allow you to React to Contact Behaviour.
contact CRM

Contact Management Suite

Use our E-CRM to view all the activity on a contact from lead scores to campaign behaviours.
marketing reports

Insightful reports

Being able to react quickly is key to a marketeer. We provide real time reports that direct future decisions.

Powerful Surveys

Learn from your contacts with customisable surveys that collect data and drive engagement.

Out of the Box Integrations

Our powerful app library and custom integrations prevents Legacy data silos and links your platforms.

Simple to Use Segmentation

Segment your data quickly and easily to support your 1:1 relevant marketing communications.

Integrate with all of Your Data Sources

Data is key to a marketeer. We don’t just integrate with other systems, we also provide powerful dashboards and reporting suites that summarise the data integration and highlight how you can best use it to generate results.

7 Day Free Trial of Wired Plus Marketing Software

Marketing professionals around the world depend on Wired to support their marketing campaigns and help them meet their KPI's and Objectives.