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Our Manifesto - CRM For Connected Marketing

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Our Manifesto - CRM For Connected Marketing

We started with one vision…

Make marketing decision making easier and more effective

We quickly worked out that marketing problems all revolve around decision making and making connections.

Making the right decisions that enable teams to:

  • Connect prospects with the right products and services - and the right marketing messages.
  • Connect customers with the correct support and nurturing them to retention. Bridging the gap between marketing and sales teams to build conversion pipelines.

It got us thinking...

How do we help clients to make the right decisions that will connect all these elements?

What do they need to do make those decisions?

It was at that point that we realised that the hub to effective decision making and connecting people with marketing was the CRM.

Not just any CRM though - it needed to connect marketers with the tools that they need to make the important decisions that result in more business and to connect the marketing messaging with the right people:

  • Marketing CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Data Collection and Data Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

Wired Plus was born. The all-in-one marketing platform with a CRM that is built for how marketers and sales teams work.

It allows you to align your teams and to use all your data, in one place, to make better educated decisions with confidence.

A tool is only as good as the person operating it though, so we needed to go a step further. We needed to take the step that the other CRM and marketing platform providers wouldn't take...


We would connect our clients with dedicated account management, support, and consultancy.

We got carried away and created the Marketing Hub - a library full of the resources and information that marketers and business leaders like you don't have time to research yourself.

That wasn't quite enough for us - we wanted to make sure that every problem was solved for you - we added a free demo and free trial options so that you can be sure that Wired Plus answers all your marketing questions.

Answering all these questions and making all these connections is an ongoing project, but it's a goal that we're committed to, one that we enjoy and one that we'll embrace!

The Wired Plus Team.
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