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Disruptive Marketing Journey

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Why we’re eager to learn

This is week three of our journey to disrupt the CRM industry.  It might only be a short time since our launch, but it’s been quite a ride already.  We’ve made giant leaps forward, but there’s a long way still to go.

But I’m sure you know that already.  Of course you do, you’re in business.

This week, we’re going to share how we are using expert advice to help us along.  In turn, we know this advice and these processes will help you too.  We know that we need to stand out to succeed, but first, we need to learn.

The online marketplace is crowded – we know it’s hard to stand out.  We’re trying!  To get the edge over the competition we know that we need to be proactive.

And this means taking advantage of any opportunities that we are given.  Of course, not all learning involves being taught.  When learning to walk, you fall over a lot to begin with.  As time goes by, you learn to pick yourself back up and carry on.  Before long you aren’t just walking without falling over but running too.

It’s the same in business.  We have already learned from our previous mistakes, and as our business grows, we do too.

Read on to find out:

  • What we have learned from the copywriting course
  • Why we are eager to continue learning and developing
  • Whether our influencer marketing approach is working
  • How we’re using our website as a learning tool

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What the Copywriting Course Taught Us

To make sure that we can write the best possible copy for our marketing collateral, our marketing team were sent on a copywriting course. This course gave us the chance to learn from the best.

Not only could we convert more visitors into customers but our processes would improve.  We’d take the luck out of our success and have a method to produce consistent results.

I thought Penny Dablin’s How to Write Sizzling Sales Copy looked ace.  When I booked it, it had an impressive 4.6/5 star rating on Udemy.  It’s seriously good, check it out.

Not just that, it covered every aspect of copywriting that we could imagine.  We all found the course really thought provoking and I’d recommend it to anybody looking to develop their skills.  Each lecture took a part of the copywriting process and broke it down into bitesize chunks.

Copywriting Process

Our Marketing Team took a copywriting course to help them write killer sales copy

The main takeaways from the course included:

– Planning is Essential

The biggest takeaway message from Penny Dablin’s course was the need to plan.  It sounds boring, I know, but the results are worth it.

By plan, I don’t just mean the words on the page.  You need to plan everything from your customers needs to predicting how your reader is going to react.  Think about how your target audience thinks.  Think about how they feel.  Think about how they make decisions.  Keep thinking.  The more detailed you can be, the better.

Need some inspiration, or not sure where to start?  Ponder these questions:

What are the questions your audience needs answers to?

What keeps them awake at night?

What are their goals and ambitions?

Once you have mapped out your audience’s every move you can write your copy to compel them to buy your solution.  Without this step, your copy is doomed.

– Leveraging Emotions is Key

Ever feel like a marketing message is literally tugging at your heartstrings? Think of the most popular marketing campaigns – emotion is used everywhere. Consider how perfume is sold – all ads for perfume are emotive from the models used, music, colour palette through to the messaging.

We knew that leveraging emotions with copy was important, but we had no idea how much influence this really had over customers – 90% of purchase decisions are made emotionally.

The good news for marketers is that you can use this to your advantage.  One of the most interesting parts of the course focused on how you can use an emotional headline to hook people in.  This forces the viewer to scroll down the page to learn about your solution based on an emotional ‘pull’.  Interestingly, it didn’t matter whether the emotion was positive or negative, the effect was just the same!

If you make your website visitor or reader feel a particular way, they will look for the logical reason they should act.  By this point, they have already made a decision anyway.

People make decisions based on how they feel.  Only then do they justify their decision with logic.  In her course, Penny Dablin stresses the importance of catering to both emotional and logical decision making triggers.

The course also links to a useful resource to check the strength of a page’s headline.  Need to make your reader feel as if they just have to read on?  This is a great way to check whether your headline pulls at the heartstrings and grabs the reader’s attention.

– Focus on the Benefits

This is where you can tell your reader why they should buy your solution.

This is your chance to sell the biggest reasons why somebody should come to you over your biggest rival.

Each time we write a piece of copy we try to focus on the benefits, rather than the features of our system.  However, the course suggested that marketers can take this one step further.  What if you could state the benefits of a product without even mentioning the feature?  Take this example:

Are you looking to reduce your lead nurture time?  We have just the solution.

In this headline you can clearly see how the writer is targeting people who struggle to convert their sales leads quickly enough but there is no mention of what the solution is, just that it exists.  That’s because your audience doesn’t really need to know how you are going to help them but that your solution will help.  Why would this work?  Because people who want to convert leads quickly need to learn more about the solution meaning that they are almost guaranteed to read further down the page.

– Make Your Customer Feel Pained

It sounds cruel but it works.  Whilst every copywriter worth their salt wants to show the customer how they can help, Penny Devlin talked about the need to make customer feel their pain intensely.  This is the main reason they need you.  We thought this was a really interesting idea.

By reminding the customer that they came to you to solve their problem you can stoke positive emotions about how they are going to feel but also negative ones about how they have felt in the past.  Nobody wants to carry on being miserable.  Reminding your customer of just how bad they feel can spur them into action.

How You Can Grow By Taking A Course

Even if you are an expert in your field, everyone can learn something new.   For aspiring marketers looking to develop their skills, taking a course is one of the easiest and quickest ways to learn.

A recent article by Forbes highlighted the importance of training and development for employees

Learn From Experience

The main benefit to taking a course, no matter what field you are in, is that you can learn from an expert. Courses put the most important and up-to-date advice in one place so that you can develop your skills and approaches.  Learning from an experienced teacher or award-winning professional means you can get cutting edge advice to move your business forward.  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Gain A New Perspective

By taking a course in sales copywriting, we have learned new techniques for planning our copy.  The course gave us new approaches to writing that we hadn’t considered before.

We plan to put the headline writing tips into practice over the coming days to see what impact it has on our website’s performance.

Expand or Develop New Skills

Although we already had some knowledge of sales copywriting within our team, taking the course gave us the chance to develop our skills.  Courses are useful for filling in knowledge gaps and learning how to put existing skills to better use.  Especially for marketers at the start of their careers, they are a great way to develop on a personal level.  By developing your skillsets you can make sure that your team are ready to deal with any situation.

Join us on our journey to disrupt the marketing software industry.

We’ll be sharing everything that we come up against!

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How we’re learning from Industry Influencers

Last week, we started reaching out to some of the biggest influencers in our industry for their advice.  These guys are the best of the best.  We were really excited to hear back from three of the influencers we contacted – and we were not disappointed.

We chose an influencer marketing approach to quickly spread our message to as many people as possible.  Check out last week’s post to see why and who we’re targeting.

There’s no replacement for experience.  Influencers have learned through building their own businesses from the beginning and we wanted to tap into their vast knowledge.

By sharing our story with the influencers we were able to put across the reason why we wanted their advice.  As a result, the advice that we have already received is exactly what we needed.

We targeted each with a video addressing them directly.  This meant that we could personalise the message to draw on each influencer’s personal experience.  Our videos ended with two questions directed at each influencer about the issues most important to our journey.

Insight from Brian Solis

Brian Solis was the first of the influencers to get back to us with some really helpful advice.  Here’s a reminder of what we asked:

– Is disruption just a harsher way of saying ‘ongoing development’, or does it mean something entirely different to you?

– When a company, like ourselves, is aiming to disrupt and industry, does this need to start at a personal level individually, or is it something done at an organisational level only?

We targeted him due to his background in disruptive marketing and his excellent book ‘X: The Experience When Business Meets Design’.  He has also spoken at the La Martina summit on the subject of disrupting the marketplace.  This made Brian the perfect influencer to give advice on how to disrupt the market.

He replied to us almost instantly after we reached out to him.  We thought we’d share his amazing advice with you:

Brian Solis Influencer Marketing Advice

Brian Solis offered his disruptive marketing advice in a tweet

Brian loves the idea of disrupting at a personal level.  Disruptive marketing techniques focus on making a big impact in the marketplace.  However, Brian’s advice focuses on the importance of change from within first.  This is great advice for anybody looking to start out on their disruptive marketing journey.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us this awesome advice.

Advice from Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley gave us some fantastic feedback.  Famous for his meteoric rise to World Number 1 marketing influencer, we knew that Sam has what it takes to go from a startup to a huge success.  The most interesting part of his story is how he did it so quickly, in just 15 months!

Here’s a quick reminder of what we asked him:

– How did you evolve the mindset to want to disrupt the existing status quo in such a short amount of time?  Was it a planned move, or did it happen organically?

– What words of advice would you offer someone wanting to make a difference and to disrupt the balance like you did?

We received a tweet on Sunday night to let us know that he would be in touch.  Soon after we received his advice:

Sam Hurley Influencer Marketing Engagement

We were really grateful to receive this email from Sam Hurley with his disruptive marketing advice

We were blown away by the in depth response Sam gave us.  It is particularly interesting to know that Sam didn’t actually set out to disrupt the marketplace.  Instead, his approach developed from his desire to help others based on their feedback.  Taking a more altruistic approach to marketing certainly has its benefits, especially if you can become the best in the process!

Thanks for your awesome input Sam!

A Message From Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin has also offered to lend us his advice with a friendly Tweet on Friday afternoon.  Ted is renowned for his work on social media strategy.  We’re in awe of his seemingly boundless knowledge.

Let’s recap our questions:

– Does Ted think that there is a place for disruptive marketing, or should all marketing activities be disruptive?

– You mention that for retail the biggest differentiator is ‘being human’.  Is it possible to be disruptive to a field, but still keep a good reputation and positive brand experience?

We are excited to hear back from him later today with his expert advice:

Ted Rubin Influencer Marketing Engagement

Ted Rubin offered to send us his advice in an email

We can’t wait to hear from you Ted!

Adapting with Advice From Influencers

It’s been great to receive positive feedback from these influencers so quickly and we are looking forward to putting their advice into practice.  We know that our approach isn’t perfect and we are always looking for ways to get the edge on our competitors.  The feedback that we have received already is really important to us and we are determined to make sure we use it to our full advantage.

We have reflected on our approach and are happy that our influencer outreach videos are doing the business.

Our Website:  Two Weeks On

Two weeks on from our website redesign, our site’s performance is starting to improve.  I’m happy to tell you that the average session duration on Wired Plus continued to rise last week.  Digging down into the data shows us that our web visitors have stuck around for a lot longer and have visited more pages this week compared with the week before.  We must be doing something right!

Website Performance Statistics

We monitored our site performance over the course of a week

Monday was the site’s busiest day with a total of 408 pageviews whilst Sunday recorded an impressive average time on page of 8 minutes and 37 seconds.  We are happy that people seem to be searching around the site and taking their time to read what we have to say.

We’ve also noticed people scrolling further down our homepage.  This is great as we know that people are interested in what we have to say (we hope!).  We have worked hard on the copy and layout of the page to ‘hook’ people in and these stats show that we are starting to do just that.

The next step in this process is to get more people to request free trials and demos.

Learning From Our Marketing Activities

When we started with the Wired Journey, we sent an email campaign to people who had downloaded The Complete Guide to Email Marketing.  We wanted to get people on-board, just like you, so targeted our message towards driving free trial sign-ups.  Our campaign was only sent to a small number of contacts this time but received an encouraging response.

From left to right, the metrics show the email open rate, the number of clicks and the number of unsubscribes.

Free Trial Promotional Email Campaign Statistics

Free Trial Promotional Email Campaign Statistics

The campaign resulted in an impressive open rate of 30.1%, reflecting the strength of the subject line ‘The Marketing CRM You’ve Been Waiting For [Contact First Name]’.  We think this email did well as it targeted contacts who had recently interacted with our company and used a bold statement to build intrigue.

Subject Line Download

Never worry about writing a subject line again. Download your swipe file today.

Although this is a good open rate for this type of campaign, we are already thinking of how we can improve it in the future.  The campaign was sent at 15:30 meaning that people may have already left the office for the day.  In the future, we may look to send the email out earlier to make sure all our contacts are active and ready to open.

The click through rate of the email, at 2.3% was about average for this type of email campaign.  But we’re not happy with average, you know that by now!  We will look at our call to action and body copy in future campaigns to improve this further.

Until Next Time

This week has really given us a lot to think about on our disruptive marketing journey.  We know that this journey is bound to be full of challenges.  But we are looking for the positives and opportunities to learn from every challenge we face.

Just a few days after sending out our influencer videos, we have received three positive responses.  That’s reason to celebrate, isn’t it?  We are optimistic that more will follow in the days to come.

Find out how we are getting on by checking back in next week!  We will be discussing:

– The Launch of Wired TV

– How video helps drive engagement

– Why we created a TV series about marketing

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Bye for now!

Join us on our journey to disrupt the marketing software industry.

We’ll be sharing everything that we come up against!

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