Revolutionise your Email Campaigns with Dynamic Content

Email Campaigns With Dynamic Content

Email Campaigns With Dynamic Content


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Email Campaigns with Dynamic Content

Personalisation is important in email marketing.  You can use personalised content to engage your contacts on subjects and topics specifically designed to interest them.  Providing contacts with the content they want to read is a key foundation of inbound marketing strategy.

Dynamic content was introduced as recently as 2014 and allows marketers to adapt their messages on-the-fly based on behavioural data about their contacts.  In this post, we discuss how you can optimise email campaigns with dynamic content in order to personalise the customer journey.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is content that can be changed as the email is sent to cater for the needs of individual recipients.  This type of content makes it easier to provide recipients with a one-to-one email experience which is proven to be more effective than a batch-and-blast approach.  To be successful, you need to make sure that your content provides the customer with the information they need to take action.  Each customer is likely to react differently to different stimuli and it is important to consider this when creating your emails. 

Common dynamic content fields include:

– Location:  Content can be changed based on the location of the email recipient.  This is useful for campaigns targeted at a small geographical area and is one of the easiest types of dynamic content to implement.

– Recommended Products:  A company may want to send information to their customers based on recommended products.  Giving product recommendations to the customer based on their specific behaviours increases the chance that they will take action..

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– Device:  You can target your email recipients by the device that they are using.  Some dynamic content, such as a mobile app promotion, would not be effective on desktop.  However, the same content on a mobile device would drive app downloads and conversions.

How to Implement Dynamic Content in Email Campaigns

Managing Customer Data

Before you begin using dynamic content in your email campaigns, you first need to collect data about your contacts.  Without the right types of data you will not be able to use dynamic content.  Data should be stored in an easily accessible and searchable format.  User behaviours and characteristics are the foundations from which you can begin to adapt your content.

The good thing about dynamic content is that you can segment your email list however you want.  Segmenting your contact list provides you with groups of related contacts which you can target with appropriately targeted content.  Identify key segments of your email marketing list to target with your content, the more targeted, the more likely it is to be effective.

To make full use of dynamic content, you need to have a centralised data centre containing data on every marketing channel.  Integrating your marketing strategy provides you with a comprehensive overview of how your contacts interact with your company across all mediums.  You can use this data to trigger appropriate emails and responses.  We will discuss integrated marketing strategies further later in this post.

Dynamic Content Opportunities

Once you have established how you are going to use dynamic content, you can set up triggered email campaigns to respond to specific user intents.  Triggers that you may want to consider setting up include:  Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Browser, Inactivity for a set time period.  Whether you choose to use one of the suggested triggers or you identify one of your own, it is important to monitor your analytics to see whether your campaigns are effective.

You may also choose to target contacts based on their position in the conversion funnel.  A contact who is ready to convert will require different content to a new lead which needs to be nurtured.  Dynamic content can be used to ensure that contacts only receive the content that is relevant to their needs.

When creating your email template in your email marketing platform, you can insert a dynamic content block with the Drag and Drop editor.  The opportunity to insert dynamic content without knowledge of coding means that dynamic email campaigns can be created quickly and easily by anybody.

Integrated Marketing

When you use an integrated marketing strategy you can access and respond to actions from across all marketing channels.  Email gives you the opportunity to react to how contacts interact with your company from all marketing channels.  Contacts expect that their previous interactions with the company will be taken into account when they make contact.  An integrated marketing approach allows you to do this, creating a seamless customer experience.

In the current market, only 36% of respondents to a recent survey reported that they had a fully integrated inbound marketing strategy.  This statistic suggests that there is still room for improvement in the industry when it comes to integrated marketing strategies.

The Benefits of Email Campaigns with Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is still developing but the benefits are clear.  When using dynamic content blocks you can expect:

– More Targeted and Relevant Campaigns:  Dynamic content blocks allow you to change the content of your email based on the recipient.  This allows you to create campaigns tailored to individual recipients establishing a one-on-one relationship with your email recipient.  More specific than segmentation allows, dynamic content gives you the opportunity to send different emails to each contact in your database based on specific criteria.

– Increased Engagement Levels:  Sending campaigns containing dynamic content increases email engagement levels.  By increasing engagement with your email campaigns you can ensure that campaigns achieve their goals.  You can also monitor which segments of your email list respond the most to your campaigns and can adapt accordingly.

– Fresh Ideas Produce New Opportunities:  Providing content that is tailored to each email recipient is likely to produce new opportunities with contacts who would otherwise be disengaged with your emails.  This strategy means that you can reach out to a larger audience with your email campaigns, broadening the number of opportunities.

– Save Time:  Inserted dynamic content blocks into your email designs reduces the amount of time needed to create a targeted campaign.  The dynamic content field will pull the necessary personalised field from the customer database.  This allows you to interact with customers on a one-to-one level from one email send.

Pitfalls of Email Campaigns with Dynamic Content

Email marketing with dynamic content is extremely effective when you want to engage your subscribers.  However, there are some pitfalls to avoid when incorporating dynamic content in your email marketing strategy:

– Over Personalisation:  Whilst it is great to receive an email that is personalised to the individual recipient, nobody likes an email that is overly familiar.  Emails that have an overly familiar tone run the risk of alienating the recipient.  Furthermore, sending an email based on all the data that you hold about a client may seem intrusive.  Especially if you are sending an email campaign from a company with a serious message, overly friendly email copy may result in a mixed message.  Take time to consider how much personalisation is appropriate for your email campaign.

– Inaccurate Data:  Garbage In, Garbage Out is a well known phrase among computing professionals.  The quality of your data input will impact how accurate your dynamic content will be.  When creating dynamic content around personal data fields, it is imperative to validate the accuracy of your data before you hit ‘Send’.


Email campaigns with dynamic content enhances the user experience and also positively impacts campaign performance.  Once you begin using this type of content, you can expect to see an increase in engagement levels as users appreciate a more personalised and targeted approach.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about how you can boost your email campaigns with dynamic content.  Download your copy of The Complete Guide to Email Marketing to read more about how you can optimise your email marketing campaigns.

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