Turbocharge Performance with Lead Magnets for Email Marketing

Lead Magnets for Email Marketing

Lead Magnets for Email Marketing

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Introducing Lead Magnets For Email Marketing Campaigns

Companies can create Lead Magnets for Email Marketing Campaigns to boost the number of leads they collect.  The term lead magnet can be used to describe a range of different resources which can be offered as an incentive to capture customer data.  Your lead magnet is a tool that you can use to position your company above the competition so it is important that you get it right.

They are particularly useful for email marketers looking to grow their email marketing list.  In the following sections, we will discuss how they can be used, features of effective lead magnets and some ideas to get you started.

How can Lead Magnets be used?

We have previously discussed how the formatting, location and copy of your data collection form impacts lead generation.  Lead magnets give the user an additional incentive to submit their data to a company.  The goal of every lead magnet is to increase the number of people who sign up.

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to get the most out of their purchases.  A recent article by Marketing Land highlighted that consumers are feeling increasingly empowered as they can now access more information than ever.  The wealth of information now available to consumers means that companies need to work harder to stand out from the competition.

Providing a lead magnet is one more technique that companies can use to demonstrate that they value their contacts highly.  Brands need to carefully consider what their contacts are likely to find useful; creating buyer personas can provide companies with insights about their ideal customer’s needs.

Lead magnets need to show value to the user over and above the value that is available to non-subscribers.  Providing a subscriber with a resource which is available to non-subscribers is likely to see them scramble for the unsubscribe button straightaway.  After all, the whole point of subscribing for the lead is to gain an advantage.

Types of Lead Magnet

Lead magnets come in many different shapes and sizes.  To be highly effective, you need to provide unparalleled value to your contacts.  Some potential lead magnet ideas include:

– Ebook:  Ebooks take time to create and position your company as an authority figure in your industry.  Although they take a lot of time and resources to create, providing an ebook as a lead magnet is undoubtedly a good way to give value to the contact.

– Tutorial:  There are few better ways to demonstrate expertise in a subject than by teaching it.  If an individual is considering whether to buy a product from your company, showing them that you understand the challenges they face through a video tutorial can be highly effective.  These tutorials may also indicate how the customer can expect to interact with your product or service after they have signed up.

– Free Trial:  Free trials are a great way to attract more leads for your business.  They give the individual the option to try before they buy meaning that you get the chance to showcase why your product or service is a good fit for them.

– Discount Code/Offer:  Some companies offer a discount code which can only be accessed by subscribing to an email list.  The discount or offer should be large enough to differentiate it from other offers which the company provide.

Each of the lead magnet ideas given above take time and money to create for the company.  However, the aim of providing these resources to a potential customer is to improve the number of conversions you can expect in the long term.

Features of Effective Email Marketing Lead Magnets

To be effective, lead magnets need to provide value to the contact which is only accessible when they submit their data.  An underwhelming lead magnet may even deter your potential subscriber from submitting their details so be careful.

  • Stand out from the crowd

Your lead magnet is the perfect opportunity to show how your company is different from the competition.  If you are planning to offer a whitepaper, make sure yours is more comprehensive and informative than your competitor.  Give your contact a reason why they should come to you rather than your main competitor.

  • Offer incredible value

Your lead magnet should offer high value to the potential customer.  When an individual is making a choice about which company to give their details to they are more likely to be convinced with an offer giving them something different or particularly valuable.  Give your subscribers something exclusive rather than providing a resource which is otherwise available to non-subscribers.

The lead magnet needs to be valuable enough to encourage the user to opt in to hear more.  GDPR regulations are set to be implemented in May 2018 and impact the way marketers can collect data.

  • Be clear

Tell the customers what they should expect when they give you their information.  Remember that a customer values their information highly and will be disappointed if you don’t deliver on your promises.  Give your lead magnet an attractive but accurate title and be careful to avoid misleading your contacts.

  • Pull on the heartstrings

A lead magnet which gives your contact an emotional incentive to give you their personal details is more likely to produce results.  An astonishing 39% of individuals engaged with brand messages as a consequence of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) according to an article by NetImperative.  Email marketing professionals can play on this fear of missing out to drive more leads.

  • Be Relevant

An effective lead magnet should be relevant to the company’s overall goal or purpose.  If a company selling an email marketing product creates a lead magnet which is closely related to the product, it is more likely to be effective.

Promoting Your Lead Magnet

Once you have designed your lead magnet, you need to promote it.  A lead magnet only has a limited pull until it reaches its target audience.  When promoting your lead magnet it is important to keep in mind the people you have designed it for.  Targetted and consistent messaging across each of your marketing channels increases the chances that your target customer will remember and react to it.

You can promote your lead magnet through:

– Promotion on social media explaining the benefits of your lead magnet to potential subscribers.  Email marketing and social media differ as marketing platforms but used together, the benefits of each platform can be used to drive more leads.

– Designing a landing page specifically designed to attract leads

– Use a pop up on relevant website pages where the visitor’s intent is well matched to the lead magnet.

Collecting Lead Information

Once you have convinced your potential customer to give you their information, you need to have an appropriate data collection system in place.  To be effective, your data collection form needs to focus on the most pertinent pieces of information that you require.  Try to collect too much information in one go and your potential customer could be deterred.  A long data collection form is unappealing both from a visual and practical perspective.

Once the lead information is collected it should be placed into a system where it can be organised appropriately.  Lead nurture programmes are a useful way to nurture leads which are not yet ready to convert.  A lead nurture programme could be set up to give the lead the information they need to make a purchase decision.


Using Lead Magnets for Email Marketing can significantly improve the number of leads you receive.  To be effective, a company needs to carefully consider how they are going to create and promote their lead magnet.  By following the advice given in this blog post, you can boost the number of leads that your company generates.

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Marketing Executive

I create content, publications and adverts for Wired Plus.  When I’m not writing, reading or blogging I enjoy road running.

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