Gmail Confidential Mode: Our Verdict

Gmail Confidential Mode Update


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Have you got the new features yet?

Last Wednesday, Google released a major update for the Gmail platform.  On the surface, not much has changed.

Gmail now has a cleaner, modernised interface.

Softened edges and a new navigation bar on the right hand side of the window are the first things you notice.

But this update is about much more than a quick lick of proverbial paint.

The first major update since 2011, a number of handy features have been added making this update one of the most useful and significant yet.

Gmail Confidential Mode

The major talking point following release was the creation of ‘Confidential Mode’. Gmail Confidential Mode allows users to send emails with highly restricted access.

This is excellent news for anybody wanting to send sensitive or confidential information by email.  They can rest assured that their information won’t be shared with anybody other than the intended recipient.

These changes have the potential to change the way people use email forever.

Emails sent whilst confidential mode is activated cannot be printed, forwarded or copied.  The recipient is restricted to reading the email alone.

Concerns about the new Confidential Mode include the added ease that bullies and others using intimidation tactics in their email campaigns will experience.

However, the one action that users can take if they feel targeted by inappropriate content is to screenshot the offending email.

Emails can expire after a set amount of time

With Gmail confidential mode, emails expire after a set amount of time

We think that confidential mode could be a great addition to the platform if used in the right way.  The feature is yet to be rolled out to all Gmail users but we are excited to see what difference it makes.

Nudging Emails

Yes, that’s right.  You can now ‘nudge’ emails that you don’t want to deal with just yet.  Whilst this has been a Gmail feature for some time, the update makes nudging a more prominent option.

Gmail Snooze Email Feature

Email nudges remind the recipient that they may want to reply to the email after a certain amount of time.

Gmail looks through the inbox to determine which emails are the most urgent.

This may be uncomfortable reading for privacy conscious Gmail users who don’t want Gmail to sift through the content in their inbox.

The good news is that users can switch this feature off if they aren’t happy with that idea.  Another useful feature but it could become annoying if overused.

How to Enable The New Gmail

You are bound to want to give the new interface a try.  We certainly were.  Here’s what you need to do to enable the new Gmail:

  • With an email tab open, select the menu in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select ‘Try the new Gmail’ then choose from ‘Default’, ‘Cozy’ and ‘Comfortable’, then your new inbox will be ready for you.

Not all Gmail update features are available yet.  Google announced that the new features will be rolled out to all inboxes in the next few weeks.

Let us know what you think of the new features in the comments!

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