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Papa Johns Email

Papa Johns Email


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The Papa Johns email campaign is a well-designed email promoting discounts on pizzas for the email recipient or a friend. The email contains one personalised element and good use of images to encourage the email recipient to buy pizza.

Find out what we thought of the Papa John’s campaign by reading our post below. But first, take a look at the email campaign…

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Now for the review…

Layout and Design  3 Stars

Content in the email body is cleverly separated to create two sections – one addressing the email recipient and another for a friend who may receive the email second hand. This layout cleverly mirrors the email’s dual purpose as an email for both email subscribers and non-subscribers.

The email has a very long footer containing a lot of legal information and list of terms and conditions. Once the user reaches the bottom of the email, they are likely to click on the promotional banner or leave the email meaning that the large T&C section is likely to be missed in either case. We feel that this detracts from the overall appearance of the email and the information could easily be moved to a webpage with a link from the email.

Use of colour throughout the email is consistent with the Papa John brand, as the colours mirror the red and green of the Papa John logo.

We noted that the email does not contain an option to open in browser which may cause problems if the email does not render correctly in the email client. This is especially pertinent where email forwarding is likely as the email client of the eventual recipient can’t be known when the email is sent.  Although the intent of the email appears to be for the email recipient to forward the email to a friend, no link is included.  This means that the email recipient will have to forward the email manually which cannot be tracked unlike if a link was included in the body text.

Copywriting  6 Stars

Papa John’s shows an air of confidence by the use of third person to promote their produce ‘Papa John knows’ at the beginning of the email body. The brand slogan has been mirrored in the email copy. The phrase is embedded into the email’s opening line ‘Papa John knows that Better Ingredients make Better Pizza,’ which also creates the impression that the brand is committed to quality.

The email copy suggests that the product has been personally endorsed by the friend of the recipient in the right hand content block ‘Amy thinks that you’ll really enjoy’. The email clearly explains how to claim the offer, with separate instructions for the email recipient and their friend laid out clearly on the page. However, despite the two separate text elements provided, both the initial recipient and the friend are directed to the same landing page.

The complex nature of the T&Cs mean they are likely to be ignored and are not going to be read. A shorter amount of copy at the bottom of the email would improve its effectiveness.

Visuals and Images  6 Stars

The visuals used in the Papa John email use the brand colours of red and green throughout. The visuals clearly highlight the details of the offer as the price is over-laid on the images at the top and bottom of the email body.

The email also includes two icons which separate existing customers from recipients who have had the email forwarded to them. The use of red and green at the point maintains the brand’s image.

Personalisation and Segmentation  5 Stars

The email contains the first name of the recipient, mentioned once in the email subject line and once in the email body. Although no further personalisation has been included, the recipient has been given the opportunity to select their own pizza on the email’s landing page – ensuring that both the email recipient and their friend can select their preferred combination of toppings.

The inclusion of the customer’s name personalises the email, placing this information in both bold and capitalised feels as if the email is trying to ‘shout’ at the customer. Although this has been included to increase the familiarity between company and recipient, the way this feature is presented may decrease its effectiveness.

To improve the functionality of the email, the ‘Been sent this email by a friend?’ section of the email should be linked to a ‘forward’ link to help the email recipient to send the email to a friend but it would also allow the company to track when and who the email is forwarded to.
The inclusion of content intended for the recipient’s friend increases the likelihood that Papa Johns will increase their sign-up rates. This email clearly demonstrates that being a subscriber to Papa John’s emails has worthwhile value to the reader.

Call To Action  6 Stars

The email presents the offer and clearly explains the benefits of taking action to the recipient.
The call to action button takes the user to a page where they can find their nearest store. This is a good landing page for the email campaign as it is a logical next step for the customer to select their postcode before choosing which pizza they want to be delivered.

Although the voucher is single use as only the original recipient or their friend can use it, the original recipient benefits from forwarding the email as they are promised a further voucher the next day. This helps promote the company as good value for money and encourages sharing.

The same link has been provided for both the original recipient and the friend they may forward the email to. This results in the same landing page experience for both users even though the recipient of the forwarded email may not be a subscriber on the Papa John mailing list. We feel that the user experience could be improved with the addition of a second landing page for those who have not previously subscribed to the emails; this would increase the likelihood of future sign ups.

We feel that the campaign’s landing page could have been improved by including a message such as ‘thank you for redeeming your coupon’. The current landing page, although relevant for making an order, doesn’t relate to the email campaign itself and does not feel consistent.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  5 Stars

The Papa John email campaign is geared towards increasing the number of sign-ups to the company email list whilst providing the customer with a discounted product.  The email provides value for its existing subscribers whilst encouraging new sign ups to its email list.  The email footer is too long to be effective and should be replaced with a web page.  Improvements could also be made by linking to a more personalised and appropriate landing page which captures information about the voucher and the user.

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Now for that pizza…

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