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Liquor.com Email Campaign

For the third of this week’s daily email inspiration blog posts we have decided to analyse a recent email campaign from Liquor.com.  This particular campaign is interesting to us as Liquor.com have used the campaign to promote third party content which they refer to as a ‘Partner Tip’ rather than their own and any links from the email direct to the PicoBrew website.

Take a look at the email below:

Liquor Email Screenshot

Now for the review:

Layout and Design  7 Stars

The Liquor.com email is designed with simplicity in mind.  The email uses the plain black and white brand colours with some festive detail in gold letting the product take centre stage in a large feature image.  This makes the purpose of the email obvious from the outset as there is nothing to distract the recipient from the email’s message.

The email creates excitement around the product using the inverted pyramid structure.  The large feature image before the written content gives the reader a clear understanding of what the content is promoting.  The short, four line paragraph of copy in the middle of the inverted pyramid structure, quickly builds excitement around the products purpose, functionality and cost.

The ad banners at the top and bottom of the email are used to create boundaries for the email content.  We feel as though the banners signify the start and end of the email’s main content.  This makes the email look neat and well thought out.

Although the email design is simple and effective at its main purpose, we noted that the email did not contain a ‘View in Browser’ option which may reduce the number of recipients who can interact with the email content as it contains a number of visual elements.

Copywriting  8 Stars

The email’s subject line ‘A Great Deal For Any Spirit Lover/Partner Tip’ successfully summarises the intent of the email and implies that a financial discount may be included.  This compels the user to open the email to discover what Liquor.com can offer for spirit lovers.  As ‘spirit lovers’ refers to a specific niche of consumers who have signed up to the email updates from Liquor.com, this offer is likely to appeal to the email recipients anyway.  Referring to ‘Spirit Lovers’ in the email subject line reinforces the idea that Liquor.com are specialists in this area.

The opening phrase ‘Shopping for spirit lovers can be tough’ shows empathy with email recipients.  This is consistent with the problem-solution journey that the email presents.  The email copy describes how the Picobrew product solves the problem posed of Christmas present consumers.

The email footer contains a link to find out more about ‘Partner Tip’ which is a scheme run by Liquor.com where they promote a product from a Sponsor brand.  The name ‘Partner Tip’ in itself is not transparent as to what function this part of the email serves so we think it was a good idea to include a link to more information at the bottom of the email.

Although the majority of copy in this email campaign is relevant and caters to the reader’s needs, we noticed a small typographical error on the second line which reads ‘Butthere’s’ which detracts from the reader’s flow slightly.

Visuals and Image  7 Stars

The email contains a large feature image which links through to a relevant landing page on the PicoBrew website where consumers can order their own machine.  The positioning of the image at the top of the email body gives the email reader a visual reference point for the textual content which follows.

The Liquor.com logo in the email header cannot be clicked.  In all of the emails we have analysed so far, the logo or brand name has linked back to the company website and we found it unusual that the user cannot do that here.  We feel this may be as a result of the email being a part of the Partner’s Tip email campaign promoting a product from PicoBrew.

The social icons at the bottom of the email body link to Liquor.com’s social media accounts which share helpful recipes and resources.  This suggests that Liquor.com are a brand who place a high level of importance on giving value to their customers.

Personalisation and Segmentation  5 Stars

As the email has been sent out as part of a Christmas campaign, the need for personalisation is reduced.  We noted that the email had been sent out to email subscribers who have opted to receive this type of email in the Liquor.com preference centre.

Call to Action  9 Stars

The PicoBrew email starts to push the customer towards the conversion in the email header which advertises free shopping for the product on offer.  This is a great way to grab the attention of the recipient even before they have read the email content.

The main call to action button at the bottom of the inverted pyramid structure in the email body is effective.  The button stands out against the email background as it differs in style from the plain, black and white brand colours that the customer is used to.  Using green for the call to action button creates an unexpected colour clash which the email recipient cannot ignore.

However, we were slightly disappointed that the brand name at the top of the email body could not be clicked, therefore forcing the reader to visit the email’s landing page if they do choose to click through from the email.  Email recipients who wanted to purchase an alternative product would have to first navigate to the landing page before navigating back to the main website.  This may have resulted from an agreement between Liquor.com and PicoBrew to make sure that the email only has one purpose, to promote the PicoBrew brand.

Liquor.com, if you are reading this post, we would love to find out!

The discount code and deadline given in the last paragraph of email copy is a final attempt to convince the recipient to convert as soon as they receive the email.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  7 Stars

We thought the Liquor.com/PicoBrew email campaign was really engaging and well thought out.  The email placed the product as the central focal point of the campaign with a large feature image.  As a recipient of this email, we were compelled to click the striking call to action button to find out more.

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