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Black Friday Email Campaign

In the second of this week’s #dailyemailinspiration blog posts we have decided to take a look at the Black Friday Email Campaign which Football Manager ran last week.

Take a look at the campaign here:

Black Friday Email Campaign Screenshot

Layout and Design  6 Stars

The layout of the Football Manager email places emphasis on the images and visuals due to the user of high contrasting colours on a white background. The content is stacked vertically in a thin email window and is split into three separate content blocks. However, when the email is opened, the email recipient can only see the first content block containing information about how the reader can watch the Creators’ Cup.

The third content block, containing an image linking to an offer on boohooman.com does not appear to contribute to the main purpose of the email and could be omitted in future email campaigns. This would both shorten the email and prevent any potential confusion.

Clicking on the second call to action in the email directs the user to the Merchandise page on the Football Manager website. This page contains the relevant offers and is a good landing page once users have clicked through. However, users are immediately presented with a pop up requesting sign-up information, again detracting from the main objective of the email and reducing the likelihood that they will make a purchase. We would also question whether email subscribers would need to submit their details again to receive correspondence from Football Manager that they are already likely to receive.

The first line of text in the second call to action is visible when the email is opened in an internet browser, encouraging the reader to scroll down and read the content in the second part of the email.

When viewed on a mobile device, the text stacks and increases in size to improve readability. Linking each image to a relevant landing page increases the size of each touchpoint and means that the user can navigate from the email easily.

Copywriting  8 Stars

The first line of the email ‘A Football Manager match worth £5,000…’ gives just enough information to the reader to compel them to read more. Positioning the amount of prize money on offer at the top of the email generates excitement around the event that is being promoted. This is later furthered by the tension building call to action text ‘Watch the Creators Cup grand final live’. Details of when the event is taking place and how the recipient can take part are also included making this a particularly persuasive opening paragraph.

The copy relating to the main purpose of the email, the Black Friday sale, suggests that the user will experience an emotional as well as financial benefit to purchasing from the sale through the use of the verb ‘enjoy’. Recipients are encouraged to ‘Get your business wrapped up quickly’, implicitly referencing the football transfer market. This is a clever use of language to reflect the real world.

The main details of the offers contained within the email are formatted in bold text making them more prominent in the email body. Both ‘25% off’ and ‘£5,000’ reference financial benefits that the email recipient could receive by either participating in the Creators Cup Final or by making a purchase from the Black Friday sale.

The third image, relating to the boohooman.com offer compels the user to ‘Be the man of the moment’ with the bold call to action overlaid over the image. Consistent with the previous two offers,

Visuals and Images  7 Stars

The campaign uses a plain background with high contrast images to capture the attention of an email recipient. Each of the three images contains text elements which give more information about the offer they relate to.

The second image in the email body contains products which the recipient can purchase in the Merchandise store in the Black Friday sale and cleverly incorporates a ‘price tag’ with the discount that the customer can benefit from.

Although the first two images contain the Football Manager logo, maintaining the company’s branding, the third image relating to boohooman.com is inconsistent with the styling of the two Football Manager images.

Personalisation and Segmentation  3 Stars

No evidence of personalisation or segmentation is given in the email. Email recipients need to subscribe to the Football Manager Insider newsletter before they receive such an email.

The preference centre which can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the email gives the email recipient the option to update their name and email address only. Whilst these are the basic details Football Manager need to collect in order to send their newsletter out, further fields could be included for personalisation such as the email recipient’s favourite football team.

We also noticed that clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link takes the user to a page on the website where they can give a more detailed explanation of why they want to unsubscribe by filling in a multiple choice form or giving a more specific reason in the ‘Other’ field.

If you would like to find out more about segmenting your email list take a look at our Segmentation whitepaper:

Beyond Email Segmentation Download

Call To Action  4 Stars

The most prominent call to action which is visible when the email is opened invites the reader to watch the ‘£5,000 match’. This call to action is presented in a striking, well positioned button however, this is inconsistent with the impression created by the subject line and preview text which suggest that the main email purpose is the Black Friday sale. Also, we have noticed that the ‘£5,000 match’ is freely available and does not offer the email subscriber anything exclusive.

The email’s preview text incentivises the recipient to open the email by containing the discount that the recipient is entitled to ‘25% off FM Merchandise’. However, in order to make a purchase, the user is not presented with a call to action button and has to instead click on the image. This may cause functionality issues should the image fail to render.

The main call to action relating to the email’s title is placed below the fold in the email body and is given less prominence than the first call to action which offers the recipient value for free.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  5 Stars

The copywriting techniques used in the email entice the reader to perform the call to actions. The benefits of each action are clearly specified throughout the email and provide the reader with a clear benefit of taking action. However, we felt that the email design could have been improved by reordering the content blocks to promote the Black Friday sale in the most prominent place in the email body.

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Marketing Executive

I create content, publications and adverts for Wired Plus.  When I’m not writing, reading or blogging I enjoy road running.

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