Daily Email Inspiration: Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero Christmas Email Campaign

Caffe Nero Christmas Email Campaign


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Caffe Nero Christmas Email Campaign

Caffe Nero recently sent their ‘Double Crackers are back’ email campaign to promote their seasonal prize promotion.  The campaign used many visual techniques to make the reader take action and download the app.

We decided to review the campaign as part of our #dailyemailinspiration series and it didn’t disappoint.

Take a look at the campaign below:

Caffe Nero Email Screenshot

Layout and Design  9 Stars

We loved the way Caffe Nero used the email design to direct the reader towards the call to action with a visually enticing inverted pyramid.  The top of the inverted pyramid draws the attention of the email recipient with a brightly coloured header ‘Double Crackers’.  The centre of the structure is comprised of both a contextually relevant GIF and details of what the recipient could win.  The short sentences in the middle section of the inverted pyramid structure build anticipation about the offer before the Call To Action describes the action the recipient needs to take.

The Caffe Nero email makes use of a short email body with several visual elements used to communicate the main message of the email in a concise manner.

Copywriting  7 Stars

The email drives email opens with both the subject line ‘Double Crackers are back – more prizes, more chances to win’ and the preview text ‘Win coffee for a year’.  The subject line gives the recipient a clear incentive to open the email by suggesting that they could win prizes.  For a regular customer of Caffe Nero, the opportunity to win coffee for a year would indicate a significant financial saving.

Caffe Nero position themselves as a brand who listen to their customers in the phrase ‘Your wish is our command’.  This phrase implies that the reason Caffe Nero are offering the customer a chance to win a prize is because the customers have requested it.  Specifically choosing to mention the trip to Milan in this part of the email demonstrates that the prizes on offer are of high value and gives the recipient a good reason to enter the competition.

We were unsure whether the use of the verb ‘crack’ in ‘Get Christmas Cracking’ was appropriate.  Although the verb is related to the Christmas Cracker above, the usage feels unnatural in this context as it does not contribute meaning to the phrase.

Visuals and Images  9 Stars

This email campaign contains a number of interesting visual elements which made this campaign particularly eye catching.

The main visual element in this email campaign is the festive GIF above the call to action.  This GIF has been cleverly designed, incorporating the offer into an eye catching animation with a seasonal Christmas cracker.  Two other GIFs are subsequently used for different purposes – one to highlight the range of brands who are offering prizes and another which symbolises Christmas decoration.

The How To section of the email contains three small thumbnails guiding the customer as to what they should see at each point of the conversion.  The thumbnails are just big enough to be informative to the reader.

However, the big image below the main call to action does not seem to have a purpose as the same cracker image contained in the GIF is simply repeated with the addition of two characters but without animation.  This image could be removed without compromising the overall appearance and message delivered by the email.

Social icons have been placed at the bottom of the email to encourage engagement with the brand on social media.  Although the shade of grey that has been used is consistent with the Caffe Nero branding, it doesn’t particularly stand out.

With the inclusion of so many visual elements, we expected this email campaign to weigh in with a hefty file size.  However, the email was only 54kbs suggesting that Caffe Nero have hosted the email’s visuals and images on their website to reduce the file size, a good idea to improve loading speeds and delivery rates.


Personalisation and Segmentation  5 Stars

Although we don’t know for certain, the email may have been sent to regular customers of Caffe Nero who have met a certain criteria as a way to thank them for their loyalty in the last year.  We were disappointed by the lack of personalisation in the email campaign which we feel could have included the recipient’s name in the subject line or body copy.

Call to Action  7 Stars

Caffe Nero have used colour effectively to make the Call To Action button stand out against the white email background.  As the email makes use of a lot of bright, eye catching colours and animations, the use of a grey call to action button on a white background cleverly identifies the button as different.  The gold outline to the call to action button suggests that the call to action is particularly special and high value.

The numbered steps provided beneath the main call to action button give the reader a step-by-step guide should they require further instructions.  Short, simple instructions give the email recipient a clear understanding of what they have to do to win a prize in the competition.

When testing the email, we noticed that only the text of the call to action button is linked to the landing page rather than the call to action button.  This makes the click hotspot for the button very precise especially when viewing the email on a mobile device.

The call to action directs the user to a click through landing page.  However, the positioning of the click through link at the bottom left hand corner of the landing page fails to capitalise on the Z-shaped reading pattern which is associated with landing pages.  Positioning the call to action button in the bottom right hand corner of the page would be more effective using this design principle.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  7 Stars

The ‘Double Crackers are back’ campaign definitely hit the spot for us.  We liked the visually enticing GIFs and how the email was structured around the Christmas theme.  The call to action was also supplemented by a short step by step guide to help the recipient reap the benefits of the offer.

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