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Boohoo Email Campaign

Boohoo Email Campaign


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The Boohoo email has been sent out as part of the company’s Christmas marketing campaign.  The email prompts the user to take advantage of a discount which expires on the 16th December.  The email is well timed as it has been sent with enough time for the recipient to order any last minute Christmas gifts.

Take a look at the campaign below:

Boohoo Email Screenshot

See what we thought of the campaign below:

Layout and Design  4 Stars

The email relies heavily on images and a large header to communicate the main purpose of the email.  The single line of body copy encourages the user to take action as soon as they receive the email, however the email is relatively long proportional to the amount of copy, meaning that the user needs to scroll several times.

The user needs to scroll several times before they reach the discount code because of the length of the feature image which has been placed beneath the email text.  When the recipient initially views the email, they can see the call to action above the fold.  Whilst the user is likely to scroll to the bottom of the email to find their discount code, the large image contributes little to the user experience.

We noticed that no option is given for the recipient to view the email in their browser.  This may cause issues if the email does not render correctly in their email client.

Four links are presented below the main body of the email, linking to pages on the Boohoo website.  However, positioning the links below the fold with little relevance to the email’s purpose reduces the chance that they will be clicked.  This further lengthens the email and is unlikely to be seen by an email recipient who has already scrolled to see much of the content in the email body.

Copywriting  7 Stars

The Boohoo email makes use of a minimal amount of text in the email body, however the text cleverly makes use of a number of linguistic features to spur the recipient into taking action.  The homonymic pun ‘No time like the present’ plays on the meaning of the word present in a context where it could be interpreted as ‘gift’ or ‘time’.

Each line of text in the email body reinforces the speed which the user needs to act with if they are going to successfully claim their discount.  This is further reinforced by the imperative ‘Don’t wait around’, which stresses that the discount is only available for a very limited period.  Throughout the whole email, the discount is personified as an elf to make the discount campaign more fun and friendly than a discount alone.

We also enjoyed the subject line ‘HURRY!  Catch The Elf To Grab 25% Off’ which gives the email recipient a clear reason to open the email.  The subject line is consistent with the fun tone of the email, introducing the Elf character, whilst setting the expectation that the recipient can benefit from a 25% discount.  The preview text ‘Don’t wait around, he’s quicker than you think’ personifies the elf, making the offer seem human and evasive.  However, this is a clever trick employed by Boohoo as every email recipient will have access to discounted products.

Visuals and Image  5 Stars

The email uses themed visuals and images consistent with a Christmas theme.  Boohoo have used a festive red background with white ‘snowflakes’ immediately identifying the email as festive in a large GIF.

Although the email does not contain any images relating to Boohoo’s product range, they have used pictures of presents which is suggestive of the email’s purpose.  Consistent with other brands, the power of the Boohoo brand is considered enough to drive customers to the website.  This is a common trick used in the retail industry as inclusion of specific gift ideas may deter some recipients from making a purchase if the products aren’t suitable for the person the recipient is buying for.

The use of a ‘handwritten’ font used for the email copy is difficult to read on a desktop screen.  We anticipate that this font would cause issues if viewed on a mobile device as it is particularly intricate.

Personalisation and Segmentation  7 Stars

No personalisation has been used in the Boohoo email. However, we feel that personalisation is less relevant in this email campaign as it targets people intending to buy gifts.  Use of the word ‘present’ is also suggestive that the campaign is not intended to encourage people to buy for themselves.

As the email has been sent as part of a Christmas campaign, we anticipate that Boohoo have sent it to their entire mailing list to drive as many sales over the festive period as possible.

Call to Action  7 Stars

Two links at the top of the email link through to the Boohoo website to content which provides the reader with helpful content.  The content prioritises giving useful information and value to the customer rather than pushing a sales message.

Use of the verbs ‘Catch’ and ‘Grab’ in the subject line suggests that the recipient needs to be quick and decisive in order to claim the offer.  This is further reinforced by the imperative ‘don’t wait around’ in the email body.

However, the email lacks of a call to action button.  The email recipient is required to click on the large image in the email body which takes the user to the Boohoo website.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  6 Stars

The Boohoo email campaign effectively communicates its main message implying urgency with its subject line and preview text.  Although the use of visuals and images is relevant to the email’s purpose, we feel that they have limited effect as no product is pictured and the visuals add little value to the email as a whole.

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