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Amazon Last Minute Email Campaign

Amazon Last Minute Email Campaign


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The Amazon Last Minute Email Campaign

Amazon recently sent their Christmas campaign out, encouraging recipients to make their Christmas purchases.  The email capitalised on consumer tendencies to shop last minute for Christmas gifts, using this intent to rush the customer into a purchase.

To find out whether Amazon’s campaign was successful, read our review below.  But first, take a look at their email campaign:

Amazon Email Screenshot

Now for our review!

 Layout and Design 9 Stars

The main purpose of Amazon’s email campaign is to encourage recipients to make their Christmas purchases.  To this extent, the email is designed with a Christmas theme consistent with the theme of the related landing page.  This gives a consistent appearance to the different stages of the customer journey.

Four banner ads are placed beneath the main call to action spanning the width of the email.  This makes each of the banners visually attractive to encourage the user to click through.  Each of the banners contains different gifts relating to the specific call to action text.

We observed the inverted pyramid structure in the top section of the email where the main call to action is positioned in a bright red content block.  However, as the call to action has been placed separately, in a small red text box, it does not stand out.  The ‘View the Deals’ call to action button is placed below the clickable content block which already contains a call to action, inviting the reader to ‘Learn More’.

The email is somewhat optimised for mobile although we feel that some improvements could be made.  There are four large banner ads in the body of the email, giving the user a large click hotspot to navigate to the Amazon website.  The call-to-action text which supplements each banner are formatted in a smaller size meaning that they are difficult to read.

The email contains a large text footer for the terms and conditions which is especially noticeable on a mobile device, taking up half the screen.  However, we liked the inclusion of an image of Christmas gifts beneath the footer which draws the user’s eye making the email seem shorter.

Copywriting  6 Stars

Amazon cleverly use empathy to appeal to the needs of the recipient as many Christmas shoppers do leave their shopping until the last minute.  The omission of ‘Have you’ also makes the email subject line more informal.

Whilst this subject line is effective as it is both informal and highly appropriate, the email’s preview text could be improved.  Text from the email header has been pulled into the preview text as no text has been specified.  To improve open rates with future email sends, text specifically written to encourage email opens should be placed here instead.  However, the familiarity of the Amazon brand name alone and the subject line may be enough to trigger the user to open the email.

Subject Line Download

A minimal amount of text has been included in the email body.  However, each element of text has been carefully considered and works to convince the user to visit the website to search for their gift.

The verbs ‘treat’, ‘enjoy’ and adjectives ‘special’ and ‘perfect’ present Christmas as a time of year to indulge in luxuries.  This lexical field of indulgence is important to the message Amazon are trying to communicate that they are the place you should buy your gift for any friend or relative.

The repetition of ‘perfect gift’ in the context of buying for others suggests that Amazon can cater for any tastes and still provide people with exactly what they want for Christmas.  This reflects the fact that Amazon stock a vast array of products which can be bought to satisfy any need.

Visuals And Images  7 Stars

The Amazon email is visually impressive.  Each visual element of the email campaign has been customised for the Christmas theme.  The main content in the email has been placed on a red background, consistent with the colour of Christmas holly which is pictured at the top of the email body. [Tweet This]

Each of the banners in the email body contains a relevant image of Christmas presents which the user may purchase from the landing page.  To increase the consistency of content in the email, Amazon have cleverly changed the colour of the email header to the same shade of red.

The social icons at the bottom of the email are greyed out.  Placing the icons in the bottom right hand corner of the email lessens their visibility further, meaning that they aren’t in the recipients eyeline as they scan through the email.

Personalisation and Segmentation  6 Stars

Personalisation is not relevant to this email as it has been sent as part of a Christmas campaign encouraging the user to gift an item to their friends or family.  As a result, the data Amazon holds about the email recipient is likely to be irrelevant.

We noted that the email was sent at 01:04 on a Monday morning, this makes it unlikely that any British recipients would see the email as it arrived in their inbox.  By the time that the recipient opens their inbox, the email is likely to appear beneath emails which have been sent later in the morning.

Call To Action  8 Stars

The first content block uses contrasting colours to highlight the ‘Last Minute’ nature of the offers.  This forces the recipient to take action on the email as soon as they receive to avoid missing out.

The inverted pyramid structure in the email leads the reader’s eye towards a ‘View The Deals’ call to action button.  The call to action is placed on a red button which is consistent with the content block it relates to.  To improve the effectiveness of the call to action button, we feel that the button should be a contrasting colour to the rest of the email body.  However, the call to action button is narrower than the rest of the email body, differentiating it sufficiently to draw attention.

Each banner can be clicked, leading the user to the most relevant landing page.  This ensures that the user’s requirement is matched as closely as possible to the content on the landing page.  The call to action buttons seem to have been prioritised with the least desirable offer, for ‘like-new’ products, placed at the bottom of the email body.

Overall Effectiveness and Summary  7 Stars

Amazon have produced an effective and timely campaign to encourage user to make any last minute purchases from their vast range of products.  The compelling subject lines and consistent Christmas theme ensures that this email campaign is contextually relevant and appealing.

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