Creating a Customer Focused Knowledge Base

Creating a Customer Focused Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

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The Wired Plus Knowledge Base

It’s been an epic undertaking.  In just a few weeks we have compiled a Knowledge Base of the Wired Plus system which totals 111 posts.  Although it is 111 posts long today, it is unlikely to stay that way.  It will grow as the system grows and customers contact us with their questions.  Each post is a bitesize article focusing on one aspect of the system.

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We started with the goal of helping our clients.  For our team, one of our main goals is to help people succeed with their marketing campaigns and strategies.  The idea of helping businesses achieve great things is in our DNA and we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

Why Create a Knowledge Base?

So why build a Knowledge Base?  We want our customers to have the answers they need at their finger tips.  Of course, our team of dedicated marketers are on hand throughout the week to help with customer enquiries.  But what about weekends?  What if a customer has a query out-of-hours or doesn’t want to wait in a support call queue?

Our Support team start each Monday with an inbox full of support queries.  But to be a truly useful system, we need to be able to answer customer questions as they arise.

Creating our Knowledge Base was a lightbulb moment to solve our customers’ problems

The Knowledge Base gives customers what they want at the time they want it.  We have listened to our customers and have taken note of the most important FAQs.  Then, we created articles in the Knowledge Base to answer these queries.

Writing the knowledge base helped us improve too.  Creating articles on every tool in our system helped us understand how to use them best.  It had the added bonus of making us better at using the system which can only be of benefit to our clients.

A Living Organism

In many ways, the Knowledge Base is a living organism.  It will change as time goes on and customers ask new questions and elements are added to the system.  We will update it as new features or system updates are released and will be sure to keep the imagery fully up to date with any interface changes.

There are 111 live articles as I write this post.  I am under no illusion that by the time you read this post, that number will have increased.  It would be amazing to say that we have finished but that wouldn’t be true.  It won’t be finished for a long time.

Our Marketing team are casting an eye over the most viewed articles and will use these insights to create content on the issues customers are most interested in.  As before, we will be noting down any new questions or problems that our clients have so that we can create relevant and topical articles.

The Benefit To The Customer

For our customers, the main benefit they will gain from the Knowledge Base is having access to key questions at the time that is right for them.  In the majority of cases, customers won’t have to submit support tickets then wait for a response.  Nor will they have to ring our office and wait for their Account Manager to become available.  Instead, answers will be available instantaneously.

The Knowledge Base means that marketers don’t have to wait for an answer to their marketing questions

Don’t be fooled.  The Knowledge Base is no replacement for human contact.  We haven’t made our support team redundant and we aren’t planning to either.  Our team are still in place to deal with more complex enquiries but we want them to be able to respond more quickly and to be able to focus on giving customers their undivided attention.  Having an online support tool in place allows them to achieve this.

Customer Satisfaction

The Knowledge Base will help improve customer satisfaction levels

We have also recorded some of the Knowledge Base articles in video format.  As we have previously discussed, video is important to us at Wired Plus.  It gives us the opportunity to talk to our customers as if they are in the room with us.

How The Knowledge Base Helps Marketers Improve

As we have documented in our Manifesto, we want to give marketers the tools they need to make the right decisions.  Making the right decisions leads to success.

First, marketers need to be able to make those decisions for themselves.  We are constantly learning and evolving as we progress through our lives and marketing is no different.  New techniques and methods are continually available to help marketers grow and they need to be proactive to stay ahead.

We are always looking to give our clients the edge with everything they do.  By teaching them how to use the Wired Plus system to its full potential, we created a resource that guides them through each individual feature.

You might think that’s overkill.  Who is going to sit and read 100+ articles about a marketing suite?  You’d be wrong.  We don’t anticipate that people will read our Knowledge Base like a book.  Instead, we hope that they will use it as a quick reference guide if they get stuck or want to take their campaigns to the next level.  Alongside the Marketing Hub, Whitepapers, Webinars and Infographics, users of Wired Plus can feel empowered.

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