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The Complete Guide to Email Marketing

A Roadmap to Email Marketing Success

Over 100 pages, 20,000 words, and supported by a comprehensive library of multimedia resources. You will learn from years of tried and tested email marketing knowledge and proven results.

Welcome to the Wired Plus complete guide to email marketing.

This free email marketing guide contains 7 email marketing destinations, over 20,000 words and a comprehensive resource of videos, infographics, guides, supporting material, and more.

It has been created to give you a full roadmap to developing powerful and effective email marketing strategies and campaigns – and it is free.

We have packed years of email marketing experience, learned through thousands of email campaigns and tested in the field with companies of all sizes and from all industries.

If you are new to email marketing, or an experienced email marketing specialist, we have included strategies, tips, and advice that will improve your campaigns and will set you apart from your competition.

Planning Your Journey

Email marketing success and road trips both need planning and organisation. You need to know your destination, how you will get there, why you are going there, and need to remember to fill the tank with fuel. In this section you will learn how to plan your email marketing campaigns considering goal setting, strategies, lead capture and data management and obstacles to email marketing success which might throw you off course.


Destination 1 – The Inbox

The first destination for email marketing is the email inbox. You will learn about the journey that an email must make after you press “send”, the many checks that it goes through to arrive at the inbox and how to increase the delivery rates of your email campaigns.


Destination 2 – The Email Open

The next stage on your journey is getting the email opened. It’s all well and good getting into the inbox, but even the best content and designs can’t do their job unless the contact sees them. In this section you will see how to approach the creation of subject lines, the importance of sender name in building trust, how to use and make the most of preview text, and why personalisation can contribute to improved email open rates.


Destination 3 – The Click Through

You’ve made a lot of progress already, but your trip isn’t finished. The next destination is getting the contact to click through from your email. This is the ultimate purpose for any email marketing campaign. You will find out about email campaign design, relevancy, and personalisation.


Destination 4 – The Conversion

The final destination for your email marketing campaigns is the conversion. This section will show you how email can drive conversions along with an explanation of effective landing pages and how consistency of messaging needs to be considered to get optimum results.


The Return Journey

No journey is complete without a return trip. Email marketing doesn’t end when a campaign has been sent. In the return journey you will learn how to “close the loop” in your email marketing and how to approach your analytics and reporting to empower you to optimise your future campaigns.


Planning Your Next Trip

There is nothing worse than the feeling of getting back from a great trip and not having the next one to look forward to. Your email marketing activity is going to be an ongoing process. In the final part of our road map you will see what your next steps needs to be to ensure that your next email marketing journey is a success and that you are improving your results.


You May Be Wondering…

Who made this roadmap?

Our inhouse email marketing experts have put this guide together for you. We have packed years of experience into this comprehensive resource. We have given you access to a range of multimedia resources, including videos, whitepapers, free templates, and blog posts.

Do I have to read it all?

You can if you want, but It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced email marketer, or a complete newbie. This guide is packed with information, tips, tricks, and refreshers, that everyone can use to navigate their way to email marketing success.

Can I download it to read it later?

Absolutely! Click on this link and put in your email address. We will send a pdf copy for you as soon as we can, but you will be able to download the guide straight away.

Can I start using the information straight away?

Hands on practice is always going to be better than just learning theory! Start a free 14-day trial of the Wired Plus platform here. As you make your way through the guide, you can then start practicing what you are learning.

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