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email marketing and social media have unique benefits

Email Marketing in the Days of Social Media

by Amy Birch • 29th May 2018

Marketers have a lot to think about when investing in marketing channels. Email marketing and social media compete for first place. It can make decsion makiing difficult. A study by Mckinsey & Co. found email marketing more effective than social media for getting new customers. The reasons behind this finding are more complicated than they […]

The Twitter Debate: The 280-character limit

by Amy Birch • 10th November 2017

  The Twitter Debate: Character Limits It’s official. You can now use 280-characters each time you post on Twitter. After a short test period where select users were given the opportunity to write longer form posts, Twitter has increased their character limit from 140-characters to a huge 280. How can we possibly fill the space? […]