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Ecommerce email marketing best practices 2018

Ecommerce Email Marketing Best Practices 2018

by Tony Melling • 20th June 2018

Successful ecommerce businesses set themselves apart from the competition with effective email marketing. In this article I will talk you through ecommerce email marketing best practices in the new world of email marketing. One of the most important parts of running a successful ecommerce business is the ability to build an email list. Your list […]

GDPR could have damaged some marketing departments and businesses beyond repair

Email Marketing Best Practices 2018

by Tony Melling • 18th June 2018

It’s been a while since we wrote an email marketing best practices post. There’s a good reason for that – GDPR. It was all consuming (for a time) and even though the noise around GDPR has dropped off, it hasn’t disappeared without a trace. The world of email marketing has changed forever – well, at […]

Effective Copywriting Techniques

Email Copywriting Techniques For Marketing Success

by Connor Barrett • 1st June 2018

  Email Copywriting Techniques for Marketers Do you feel distracted? Attention spans are getting shorter.  You need to use good email copywriting techniques to grab your readers’ attention. According to a recent report by Econsultancy, the average attention span is just eight seconds. In that time, you must capture the attention and imagination of the […]

A new era for email marketing

Email Marketing: How to Warm Up Cold Email Contacts

by Tony Melling • 30th May 2018

  Email marketing is entering a new era GDPR didn’t do any favours for the marketing industry or for email marketing contacts. A lot of marketers feel as if they were picked on unfairly with the compliance rules. Email marketing contacts had their inboxes filled with optin Do you remember them all, or have you […]

Email marketing relationship building

Email Marketing: How to Build Customer Relationships Using Email

by Tony Melling • 29th May 2018

  Email Marketing isn’t dead Let me set one thing clear – Email marketing isn’t dead, or dying. It’s still a viable one to one messaging channel – even though a large number of marketers forgot that over the last few years! Fundamentally, it hasn’t changed much since 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first […]

email marketing and social media have unique benefits

Email Marketing in the Days of Social Media

by Tony Melling • 29th May 2018

Marketers have a lot to think about when investing in marketing channels. Email marketing and social media compete for first place. It can make decsion makiing difficult. A study by Mckinsey & Co. found email marketing more effective than social media for getting new customers. The reasons behind this finding are more complicated than they […]

Worst email marketing campagin ever

The Worst Email Marketing Campaign Ever

by Tony Melling • 24th May 2018

  Introducing The Worst Email Marketing Campaign As an email marketing expert, I’m sure you have researched the best subject lines, the best email marketing campaign design, top tips and best practices and more – right? There’s so much information out there about what you should do, but today we’re focusing on what you shouldn’t […]

Smart Goals for Ecommerce

SMART Goals for Ecommerce Email Campaigns

by Connor Barrett • 21st February 2018

  Achieving Success With Ecommerce Email Campaigns The potential of using email marketing for ecommerce campaigns is huge. We have previously discussed the amazing return on investment you can achieve with ecommerce email campaigns. However, in order to achieve amazing results, you need to know what you want to achieve and have a strategy in […]

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing and Integrated Marketing Strategy

by Connor Barrett • 19th February 2018

  Integrated Marketing Strategy Integrated marketing strategies are used by many successful marketers.  Integrating your marketing channels does not mean repeating the message that appears on one channel verbatim.  Instead, each marketing channel is used according to its strengths, delivering a coherent message building towards a pre-defined goal. There are many different elements involved when […]

Data Driven Email Marketing

Data Driven Email Marketing

by Connor Barrett • 15th February 2018

  What is Data Driven Email Marketing? Email marketing is a popular marketing channel because it provides marketers with a wealth of benefits.  Email has the highest return on investment of any marketing channel but it is important to consider how campaigns are performing on an individual basis.  To improve performance and make intelligent decisions, […]