Email Design

10 Top Tips To Improve Your Welcome Email Campaign

by Demi Donohoe • 23rd October 2018

We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. Not just on a job interview or a first date – making a great first impression with your email marketing is pretty important, too.  For a marketer, an automated welcome email campaign is the perfect way to make one. They build a […]

6 Top Tips for Your Black Friday Email Marketing Campaigns

by Demi Donohoe • 17th October 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for boosting your sales. Yep, Black Friday is drawing closer, falling on November 23rd this year, with Cyber Monday just behind it.  As an email marketer, it can be a difficult time to come up with email campaigns that won’t get lost amongst the dozens of […]

Worst email marketing campagin ever

The Worst Email Marketing Campaign Ever

by Amy Birch • 24th May 2018

  Introducing The Worst Email Marketing Campaign As an email marketing expert, I’m sure you have researched the best subject lines, the best email marketing campaign design, top tips and best practices and more – right? There’s so much information out there about what you should do, but today we’re focusing on what you shouldn’t […]

F Shaped Reading Pattern

The F-Shaped Reading Pattern

by Amy Birch • 23rd May 2018

Using the F-Shaped Reading Pattern for Email Marketing This article will walk you through how to use the F-Shaped reading pattern.  This pattern is useful for marketers who need to get their message across to their audience. We will show you why it works for email marketing. Find out how it works. Then, learn how you […]

Isometric Grid

Download 5 Free Isometric Grids and Learn How to Create Them In Adobe Illustrator

by Amy Birch • 24th January 2018

  Using an Isometric Grid We recently released our ‘Complete Guide to Email Marketing’ and in this tutorial we will look at how to create your own isometric grid using Adobe Illustrator so that you can create a similar art style to that used in the guide, which you can use in your own email […]

Inverted Pyramid Email Structure

Email Design: The Inverted Pyramid

by Amy Birch • 29th November 2017

  Introducing The Inverted Pyramid Email Design The Inverted Pyramid is a design technique which presents information in a format which improves the likelihood of a conversion. Emails which use inverted pyramids are concise and to the point by design. The most pertinent information is given in the headline, a short description of the product […]

Festive Animation

How to Create a Festive Animated Email Header Using CSS Animation

by Amy Birch • 16th November 2017

  Overview Difficulty: Beginner Tutorial estimation time: 3 mins Program: Adobe Illustrator In this article, we are going to look at how to create a festive animated email header using CSS animation. This method could be used for many purposes, although we created this image as a header for an email campaign. To use this method […]

Mobile Email Preview Text

The Importance of Email Preview Text on Mobile Devices

by Amy Birch • 14th November 2017

  Writing Email Preview Text For Mobile Email marketing success relies on getting contacts/subscribers to open and then click through from your emails. In fact, email success can be boiled down to 4 key stages: Getting the email delivered to the contact’s inbox Getting the contact to open the email Getting the contact to click […]

Slicing data is called segmentation

4 Reasons Why You Should be Segmenting your Email Marketing Lists

by Amy Birch • 25th July 2017

  Email Marketing Segmentation Our jobs as email marketers are often busy and hectic as we hope to continually improve on our latest email campaign results. We’re well versed in understanding call to actions, testing campaign, including unsubscribe options and following general email marketing best practices. But marketers often forget one of the more simpler […]