Digital Marketing

Top Tips to Re-Engaging Disengaged Contacts

by Connor Barrett • 16th November 2017

  Building an Engaged Email Contact List To build your email list you should use a method for data collection which ensures GDPR compliance. This would usually be done by using a double opt-in form to ensure that your subscribers have made a conscious decision to receive your correspondence. Sending emails to a list of […]

The State of Inbound Marketing in the UK vs. the US

by Connor Barrett • 19th October 2017

  Lets face it !. Here in the UK we often lag behind the US when it comes to most things. In the fashion stakes, food, or looking at our favourite TV shows then the ideas often come first from the US. Inbound Marketing So how are we doing with our inbound marketing techniques? Lets […]

Email marketing and recruitment are very similar

Why is lead generation important for recruiters?

by Tony Melling • 26th July 2017

  Lead Generation For Recruitment More recruiters are now using lead generation to streamline their recruitment processes. No business wants to waste valuable staff resources sifting through clients and candidates. Lead generation helps to communicate with your contacts whilst automating your sales process. What is lead generation? Lead generation is a process where email marketing […]