Digital Marketing

Landing pages

What Are Landing Pages and Why Do They Matter?

by Demi Donohoe • 7th December 2018

Great landing pages are what bring digital marketing campaigns to life.  Without them, your visitors wouldn’t know what to do next. All of your email marketing campaigns should include an effective call-to-action that links to a landing page.  It can either be a standalone page or a page on your website. Landing pages are key […]

Sales funnel

A Quick and Easy Guide to Building a Sales Funnel

by Demi Donohoe • 6th December 2018

A sales funnel is a common marketing technique.  It’s basically used to convert website visitors into paying customers. Building meaningful customer relationships takes patience, hard work and some generous nurturing.  Luckily for you, though, marketing automation was made to improve the buyer’s journey, so you don’t have to do all the hard work! What is […]

Lead scoring strategy

7 Tips for an Effective Lead Scoring Strategy

by Demi Donohoe • 4th December 2018

Every business wants to convert as many leads as they can into buyers, right?  It’s how you make your money.  But it’s how you go about converting your leads that matters. Having a great sales team helps.  Using marketing automation to generate leads also helps.  However, not all leads will be in the same stage […]

Black Friday marketing tips

5 Tips to Make Your Black Friday Marketing a Success

by Demi Donohoe • 9th November 2018

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is getting closer and closer, and it’s kind of a big deal. In fact, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the whole year. Every year, the shopping-fest seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  Last year, the amount spent on UK […]

Top Tips to Re-Engaging Disengaged Contacts

by Amy Birch • 16th November 2017

  Building an Engaged Email Contact List To build your email list you should use a method for data collection which ensures GDPR compliance. This would usually be done by using a double opt-in form to ensure that your subscribers have made a conscious decision to receive your correspondence. Sending emails to a list of […]

The State of Inbound Marketing in the UK vs. the US

by Amy Birch • 19th October 2017

  Lets face it !. Here in the UK we often lag behind the US when it comes to most things. In the fashion stakes, food, or looking at our favourite TV shows then the ideas often come first from the US. Inbound Marketing So how are we doing with our inbound marketing techniques? Lets […]

Email marketing and recruitment are very similar

Why is lead generation important for recruiters?

by Amy Birch • 26th July 2017

  Lead Generation For Recruitment More recruiters are now using lead generation to streamline their recruitment processes. No business wants to waste valuable staff resources sifting through clients and candidates. Lead generation helps to communicate with your contacts whilst automating your sales process. What is lead generation? Lead generation is a process where email marketing […]