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Benefits of Data Driven Marketing

The Benefits of Data Driven Marketing

by Connor Barrett • 16th May 2018

  What’s all the hype about? Have you heard of ‘data driven marketing’?  Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, we’re sure you have. Data driven marketing became popular because it allows you to make the right decisions based on real world information. This removes the need for guesswork within marketing strategy.  Sometimes gut feel […]

GDPR is the perfect opportunity for businesses

Why GDPR is the perfect opportunity

by Connor Barrett • 11th May 2018

  What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulations are set to be enforced from the 25th May 2018. Woah, rewind.  That’s this year. GDPR will be enforceable by law and carries a severe penalty.  This is serious business. As a marketer, you should start preparing for changes well in advance of the deadline. These […]

Gmail Confidential Mode Update

Gmail Confidential Mode: Our Verdict

by Connor Barrett • 4th May 2018

    Last Wednesday, Google released a major update for the Gmail platform.  On the surface, not much has changed. Gmail now has a cleaner, modernised interface. Softened edges and a new navigation bar on the right hand side of the window are the first things you notice. But this update is about much more […]

Getting Ready for GDPR: One Month To Go

by Connor Barrett • 3rd May 2018

  With less than one month to go until GDPR is enforced, businesses need to take action. The General Data Protection Regulations have been created by the European Union and are enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office. The aim of the regulations is to enforce stricter rules about how personal data can be handled. Businesses […]

WhatsApp Age Limit Increase

GDPR Influences WhatsApp Age Limit Increase

by Connor Barrett • 26th April 2018

  WhatsApp increases minimum age limit to 16 WhatsApp is a social media platform used by over 1 billion people worldwide each day which allows users to send encrypted messages between mobile devices. The messages are inaccessible to anybody other than the sender and the recipient. On Wednesday, the popular social media app announced that […]

The Marketing Automation Debate

by Connor Barrett • 23rd April 2018

  The Daily Life of a Marketer Marketing Professionals are busy people. From first thing on a Monday until Friday evening, they are busy with a multitude of complex tasks. Managers push for results.  Clients need projects to be finished. Every day is different but challenging.  Sometimes it seems like 40 hours a week is […]

Wetherspoon's Social Media Shutdown

The Wetherspoon’s Social Media Shutdown

by Connor Barrett • 20th April 2018

As of Monday evening, JD Wetherspoon’s disappeared from all social media platforms.  This is not a drill, they really did remove all of their social accounts.  No more will they post about their Steak Nights, Jagermeister offers or Sunday Roast  deals. Our Marketing Executive spotted an interesting angle on the social media shutdown in his […]

Gmail Promotion Tab Update

The Gmail Promotion Tab Update

by Connor Barrett • 12th April 2018

Our eagle eyed marketers don’t miss anything.  This week, the Gmail Promotion tab caught our eye.  Something had changed. What Is The Promotion Tab? Gmail is a free email provider from Google that boasts an impressive 1.2 billion users worldwide. Gmail inboxes are split into three main sections:  Primary, Social and Promotion.  The Primary tab […]

Using Emojis In Email Subject Lines

by Connor Barrett • 12th April 2018

When your email lands in the recipient’s inbox, three elements of your campaign are visible:  The subject line, the preview text and the from name.  Using emojis in email subject lines is an increasingly popular tactic that marketers are using to stand out in the inbox. Whether you’re a fan of the new ‘Ed Sheeran’ emoji […]

Email Marketing After GDPR

4 tips to prosper with email marketing after GDPR

by Connor Barrett • 6th April 2018

Are you struggling to see a way forward with your email marketing? You may have heard that ‘Email Marketing is Dead’ but that’s some way short of the truth. Marketers face increasingly difficult challenges in light of the impending GDPR regulations. However, there are a number of things that you can do. In this article, […]