Disrupt our Industry Journey

Bucking the trend in the faceless email marketing industry

by Amy Birch • 1st June 2018

Does your brand have the human touch? We are bucking the trend in the Email Marketing industry. We’re different from our competitors and we are proud of that. There are hundreds of email marketing companies on the market. Few of them have a ‘face’. Many hide behind their websites emblazoned with fancy graphics. They use […]

What our Startup Learned From GDPR

by Amy Birch • 25th May 2018

  Learning From GDPR By the time you read this, GDPR will have launched. Digital marketing will have changed forever. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will know what we are talking about. But, what can a startup learn from the new regulations?  Let’s go through some of the key lessons we […]

Why taking time off is important in a startup business…

by Amy Birch • 18th May 2018

  What’s all the hype about? As it is World Mental Health Awareness Week we thought we would take a look at how we avoid burnout in the Wired Plus office. The week is an initiative run by the Mental Health Foundation to raise awareness of stress. Taking Time Off Is Important at Wired Plus […]

Creating a Customer Focused Knowledge Base

Creating a Customer Focused Knowledge Base

by Amy Birch • 11th May 2018

The Wired Plus Knowledge Base It’s been an epic undertaking.  In just a few weeks we have compiled a Knowledge Base of the Wired Plus system which totals 111 posts.  Although it is 111 posts long today, it is unlikely to stay that way.  It will grow as the system grows and customers contact us […]

Specific Marketing Approach

How A Specific Marketing Approach Helped Us Grow

by Amy Birch • 4th May 2018

The Wired Plus Journey So Far You will be relieved to know that we are still afloat amidst the amount of content we have created this week 😌!  If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about, check out last week’s blog post. Wired Plus has come a long way since the start of our journey […]

make content work for your business with shorter blog posts

How Do You Make Content Work For Your Business?

by Amy Birch • 27th April 2018

The Content Paradox We have been writing content for the Wired Plus blog since July 2017.  In that time, we have posted over 90 blog posts.  Engagement levels have varied throughout but we started to notice an unusual trend which we will call our content paradox.  The longer the post and the more effort we put […]

Why We’re Creating Two Marketing Strategies

by Amy Birch • 20th April 2018

We have decided to do something really ambitious.  So ambitious, in fact, some people may call us foolish.  As a small team, taking on even more work in the form of a second marketing strategy is almost suicidal.  It is definitely asking for trouble on an already stretched team.  However, the benefit of spreading our team over […]

Getting More Done With Less

Getting More Done With Less

by Amy Birch • 13th April 2018

Working smarter, not harder is a cliche that has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Whilst it is overused, it does embody the idea of getting more done with less which is exactly what we are trying to do. When you are trying to compete with larger competitors, small businesses have no choice than to […]

Link Building Plan

Creating A Link Building Plan

by Amy Birch • 6th April 2018

Our content wasn’t getting enough attention and our marketing team were becoming frustrated.  They put their efforts into creating blogs, whitepapers and webinars for eager marketers to digest but were seeing few results. The number of people reading our content remained low and interactions with our posts were few and far between.  The content was […]

Content Distribution Plan

How To Create A Winning Content Distribution Plan

by Amy Birch • 30th March 2018

We are now five weeks in to our journey to disrupt the CRM market.  After finishing the redesign of our website, we are turning our focus back to generating epic content to promote our brand and spread our marketing message.  By content we don’t just mean blog posts but whitepapers, webinars and our TV series […]