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personalisation for email marketing

Improving Performance with Personalisation for Email Marketing Campaigns

by Connor Barrett • 18th January 2018

  Personalisation for Email Marketing Personalised emails are becoming more common in the average inbox.  From emails which address the recipient by name to email campaigns with personalised suggestions, the scope for email personalisation is increasing. In this blog post, we will take a look at how personalisation has been adopted so far, how you […]

Data Collection Form for Email

Creating a Data Collection Form for Email Marketing List Growth

by Connor Barrett • 17th January 2018

  Data Collection for Email Marketers Increasing the number of contacts on your email marketing contact list is a challenge which all email marketers have to face at some time in their career.  In an ideal world, email marketers would collect the most comprehensive amount of information possible on their data subjects with their data […]

Effective Copywriting Techniques for Email Marketing Campaigns

Effective Copywriting Techniques for Email Marketing Campaigns

by Connor Barrett • 16th January 2018

  Effective Copywriting Techniques for Email Marketing According to a recent report by Econsultancy, the average attention span is just eight seconds.  That means that email marketers have just eight seconds to capture the attention and imagination of the reader.  The email copy can make or break your email campaign and it is imperative that […]

Mobile Optimisation

Why Mobile Optimisation is Essential in Email Marketing

by Connor Barrett • 15th January 2018

  The Importance of Mobile Optimisation for Email Marketing Mobile optimisation is the process which ensures that your email campaigns display correctly no matter if they are opened on a mobile or desktop device.  As the percentage of email opens soars, we will outline why mobile optimisation is essential to your email marketing efforts. The […]

Create a Call To Action

How to create a Call to Action that converts for Email Marketing Campaigns

by Connor Barrett • 12th January 2018

  Creating a Call to Action for Email Marketing Campaigns The call to action is the part of an email which converts leads into customers.  However, this is not as simple as shouting at the reader to ‘Buy Now!’ or ‘Download!’. In this article, we will outline how you can create a call to action […]

Building an Email Marketing List

How do I build a successful email marketing list?

by Connor Barrett • 11th January 2018

  Building a Successful Email Marketing List Building your email marketing list is the first challenge for email marketers.  The email marketing list is the list of contacts your emails are distributed to with each send.  Email marketing lists need to be built well from the beginning if they are to result in long term […]

Boohoo Email Campaign

Daily Email Inspiration: Boohoo

by Connor Barrett • 9th January 2018

  Introduction The Boohoo email has been sent out as part of the company’s Christmas marketing campaign.  The email prompts the user to take advantage of a discount which expires on the 16th December.  The email is well timed as it has been sent with enough time for the recipient to order any last minute […]

Liquor Logo

Daily Email Inspiration:

by Connor Barrett • 8th January 2018 Email Campaign For the third of this week’s daily email inspiration blog posts we have decided to analyse a recent email campaign from  This particular campaign is interesting to us as have used the campaign to promote third party content which they refer to as a ‘Partner Tip’ rather than their […]

Caffe Nero Christmas Email Campaign

Daily Email Inspiration: Caffe Nero

by Connor Barrett • 5th January 2018

  Caffe Nero Christmas Email Campaign Caffe Nero recently sent their ‘Double Crackers are back’ email campaign to promote their seasonal prize promotion.  The campaign used many visual techniques to make the reader take action and download the app. We decided to review the campaign as part of our #dailyemailinspiration series and it didn’t disappoint. […]

Amazon Last Minute Email Campaign

Daily Email Inspiration: Amazon

by Connor Barrett • 4th January 2018

  The Amazon Last Minute Email Campaign Amazon recently sent their Christmas campaign out, encouraging recipients to make their Christmas purchases.  The email capitalised on consumer tendencies to shop last minute for Christmas gifts, using this intent to rush the customer into a purchase. To find out whether Amazon’s campaign was successful, read our review […]