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Wired TV

Why we are creating Wired TV

by Connor Barrett • 9th March 2018

Introducing Wired TV If you haven’t already checked it out, we’ve launched our own television stream. We are so excited. Our own television channel. We could not wait to get started. If you haven’t seen it already, check out our first episode below: We hope you are as excited for the next installment of our […]

What is a Disruptive Marketing Approach

What is a disruptive marketing approach and why are we doing it?

by Connor Barrett • 5th March 2018

  What is Disruptive Marketing? Disruptive marketing succeeds traditional approaches fail.  This new approach rejects traditional methods and aims to rethink how companies operate.  This approach not only changes the way that one company operates but impacts the industry as a whole.  The aim of a disruptor is to change the marketplace.  Done well, marketers […]

Disruptive Marketing Journey

What we have learned from our disruptive marketing journey this week…

by Connor Barrett • 28th February 2018

  Why we’re eager to learn This is week three of our journey to disrupt the CRM industry.  It might only be a short time since our launch, but it’s been quite a ride already.  We’ve made giant leaps forward, but there’s a long way still to go. But I’m sure you know that already.  […]

Solving Customer Problems

Why Solving Customer Problems is more important than Business Vision

by Connor Barrett • 23rd February 2018

    Understanding Your Customers Companies need to acknowledge the importance of their customers to be successful.  Customers are the kingmakers in business.  Meeting customer needs is a challenge that every business needs to succeed in. To do this effectively is challenging and requires companies to understand what customers want.  However, all too often, companies […]

Sharing our brand message with Influencer Marketing

by Connor Barrett • 22nd February 2018

  Last week, we started our journey to marketing success.  Now we needed to create and spread our message. Everybody’s heard the adage ‘Content is King’.  This week we find out why. Our journey has taken an exciting turn as we are starting to reach out to industry influencers. In our last post, we announced […]

Common Approaches to Ecommerce Strategy

Common Approaches to Ecommerce Strategy

by Connor Barrett • 22nd February 2018

  Introducing Ecommerce Strategy As the old adage goes, ‘Fail to Prepare, prepare to fail’.  In this blog post, we discuss how you can prepare and outline some common approaches to ecommerce strategy.  Building your strategy is a key part of the preparation stage before campaigns are designed.  It is important to have a clear […]

Smart Goals for Ecommerce

SMART Goals for Ecommerce Email Campaigns

by Connor Barrett • 21st February 2018

  Achieving Success With Ecommerce Email Campaigns The potential of using email marketing for ecommerce campaigns is huge.  We have previously discussed the amazing return on investment you can achieve with ecommerce email campaigns.  However, in order to achieve amazing results, you need to know what you want to achieve and have a strategy in […]

Getting Started With Automation Webinar

Maximising Ecommerce Sales With Email Marketing

by Connor Barrett • 20th February 2018

Maximising Ecommerce Sales with Email Marketing You can request access to the Maximising Ecommerce Sales with Email Marketing Webinar using the form opposite. The webinar will be displayed on the following page. In this webinar, you will learn how to: Generate More Leads Nurture Contacts to Conversion Increase Ecommerce Conversions Don’t forget to sign up […]

Segmentation for Ecommerce

Segmentation for Ecommerce Email Campaigns

by Connor Barrett • 20th February 2018

  Defining Segmentation for Ecommerce There are many different techniques that marketers can use to improve the performance of ecommerce email campaigns.  Segmentation is the division of a contact list into smaller groups based on shared needs, behaviours or characteristics.  Dividing your contact list in this way gives you the opportunity to give contacts the […]

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing and Integrated Marketing Strategy

by Connor Barrett • 19th February 2018

  Integrated Marketing Strategy Integrated marketing strategies are used by many successful marketers.  Integrating your marketing channels does not mean repeating the message that appears on one channel verbatim.  Instead, each marketing channel is used according to its strengths, delivering a coherent message building towards a pre-defined goal. There are many different elements involved when […]