7 Irresistible Email Marketing Promotions


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Irresistible Email Marketing Promotions

Are you sending emails that stand out and that are irresistible to your contacts?

If you’re keeping your set of contacts engaged – then well done to you!

You’re sending interesting emails and keeping your contacts engaged each and every time.

Is it the same tired messaging though which has now become dull?

Free offers usually get great customer attention but may not have the same appeal as they once did, if sent time and again.

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the content of your email marketing and get your audience re-engaged.

Here are a few tips to think about when sending your latest email marketing campaign.

7 Techniques from Irresistible Email Marketing Promotions

1. Limited supply
Let’s face it, your customer will generally need time to consider your offer and won’t be signing up now!

So, it can be a good idea to make the offer time or supply limited. The contact is then instilled with a sense of losing out and so must act quickly.

This could be for any type of product. For example, you may be offering free resources to encourage the customer to subscribe for further services.

Let them know that there is only a limited number available and show how many have already been used. The contact is then made to feel that they need the resource right now.

2. Credit
The ‘Use it or Lose it’ approach instils a sense of loss, so that the contact is made to feel that they are losing out on a good deal.

Studies have shown that many consumers are ‘loss averse’ and take action purely to avoid missing out on a great buy, even if they may not use the product.

Think of it as your ‘loss leader’. At least you will be generating some revenue whilst also encouraging further sales and driving contacts to your site.

3. Offer expertise
A different approach may be required when you are selling services as well as product.

Particularly in the B2B market place your specialist knowledge or management skills may be of more value, than simply being the cheapest alternative.

Why not offer a free trial of services or consultation to show what benefits you can deliver to drive higher value sales?


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4. Forward to a friend
Consider asking your contacts to share your offer with their friends.

Offer a free sample or money off in return for doing this. This will not only lead to an increase in open and click through rates but also get your brand highlighted to a whole new group of contacts.

5. Thank you offers
Why not offer a referral discount to those who have shared your offer?

You may want to offer this to both the referrer and the person referred – this should encourage more people to take advantage of your offers and they will love you brand even more.

6. Pre-price change notification
Let your contacts know about upcoming price increases.

This a great call for action now! It will also encourage those ‘on the fence’ contacts and window shoppers to make that decision and become part of your active customer list.

7. Use timeliness to your advantage
Why not time your campaigns to coincide with specific themes such as Easter or Bank Holidays?

How often do you see an increase in offers around special times of the year? Companies realise that more money is spent by the consumer at these times and so it is an ideal opportunity to get their brand out there and cash in.

A brilliant example of this is the offers made by companies such as B & Q at holiday times when they know people will be doing their DIY.

Timely and relevant email from B&Q

Who can resist a barbecue when the weather is good?

Have you seen an irresisitble email marketing campaign recently?

Why not share it with us below?

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