Kat Von D Email

Daily Email Inspiration: Kat Von D Beauty

by Connor Barrett • 30th November 2017

  Kat Von D Beauty Browse Abandonment Email We recently received a browse abandonment email from Kat Von D Beauty which we thought contained some very interesting features. We thought it would make the perfect subject for today’s #dailyemailinspiration blog post. Have a look at the campaign below: If you are inspired by what you […]

TGI Fridays Email

Daily Email Inspiration: TGI Fridays

by Connor Barrett • 29th November 2017

  TGI Fridays Christmas Cocktail Email Fancy some food and a cocktail or two? I thought you might! Now that I’ve got your attention, we are going to take a look at TGI Fridays Christmas Cocktail email in our latest daily email inspiration blog post.  Take a look at the campaign below then delve straight […]

Inverted Pyramid Email Structure

Email Design: The Inverted Pyramid

by Connor Barrett • 29th November 2017

  Introducing The Inverted Pyramid Email Design The Inverted Pyramid is a design technique which presents information in a format which improves the likelihood of a conversion. Emails which use inverted pyramids are concise and to the point by design. The most pertinent information is given in the headline, a short description of the product […]

Football Manager Email

Daily Email Inspiration: Football Manager

by Connor Barrett • 28th November 2017

  Black Friday Email Campaign In the second of this week’s #dailyemailinspiration blog posts we have decided to take a look at the Black Friday Email Campaign which Football Manager ran last week. Take a look at the campaign here: Layout and Design   The layout of the Football Manager email places emphasis on the […]

EasyJet Email

Daily Email Inspiration: Easyjet

by Connor Barrett • 27th November 2017

  Easyjet Sales Email For the first of this week’s daily email inspiration blog posts, we have taken a look at a sales email from Easyjet. The email has been sent to drive sales of Christmas getaway holidays, offering a reduction in flight prices. Did they convince us to book a flight? Take a look […]

Cosatto Email

Daily Email Inspiration: Cosatto

by Connor Barrett • 24th November 2017

  Cosatto Email Campaign In the last of this week’s #dailyemailinspiration posts, we take a look at a cute email campaign from our local baby experts, Cosatto. The brand take a different approach to email marketing which we were really intrigued by, but was it effective?  Take a look at the email below: Read our […]

Holland And Barrett Email

Daily Email Inspiration: Holland and Barrett

by Connor Barrett • 23rd November 2017

  Holland and Barrett Email Campaign In our latest daily email inspiration post, we take a look at Holland and Barrett‘s email campaign:   Layout and Design   Holland and Barrett’s marketing email ‘It’s time to boost your points’ uses a basic design and layout to clearly set out their campaign message. Each element of the […]

Boots Email

Daily Email Inspiration: Boots

by Connor Barrett • 23rd November 2017

  Boots Christmas Email Boots promoted their Christmas points event on 23rd November 2017 with an email campaign designed as an invite.  We decided to take a look to see what all the fuss was about. Layout and Design   We were impressed with the layout and design of the Boots email as it achieves […]

Lily's Kitchen

Daily Email Inspiration: Lily’s Kitchen

by Connor Barrett • 22nd November 2017

  Lily’s Kitchen recently started their Christmas email campaign to promote their Christmas Gift Guide. We have analysed the email based on a set of criteria we have identified in the office to create the most effective email campaigns. In the latest in our series of #dailyemailinspiration articles, we take a look at their campaign: […]

Pizza Express

Daily Email Inspiration: Pizza Express

by Connor Barrett • 22nd November 2017

  Pizza Express Email Campaign Pizza Express recently released their Christmas Menu email campaign so we thought we would look at how their email stacked up in the first of our #dailyemailinspiration articles! Here is the email campaign: First Impressions Our first impressions of the email were positive due to the excitement building subject line […]