Email Newsletter sign up form: Best Practice, Analysis and Examples

by Tony Melling • 26th July 2017

  The Email Newsletter Sign Up Form In today’s post we’re looking at what websites have included a newsletter sign up form, the best practices and some brand examples. If your business uses email marketing for promotion you should have a newsletter sign up form on the site to capture new data and to engage […]

Why is lead generation is important for recruiters?

by Tony Melling • 26th July 2017

  Lead Generation For Recruitment More recruiters are now using lead generation to streamline their recruitment processes. No business wants to waste valuable staff resources sifting through clients and candidates, and lead generation helps to communicate with your contacts whilst automating your sales process. What is lead generation? Lead generation is a process where email […]

4 Reasons to Segment your Email Marketing Lists

by Tony Melling • 25th July 2017

  Segmentation for Email Marketing Our jobs as email marketers are often busy and hectic as we hope to continually improve on our latest email campaign results. We’re well versed in understanding call to actions, testing campaign, including unsubscribe options and following general email marketing best practices. But marketers often forget one of the more […]

The worst email marketing campaign you will see

by Tony Melling • 24th July 2017

  Introducing The Worst Email Marketing Campaign As an email marketer, I’m sure you have researched the best subject lines, the best email design, top tips and best practices and more – right? There’s so much information out there about what you should do, but today we’re focusing on what you shouldn’t do. According to […]

Comparing Email Marketing And Social Media

by Tony Melling • 21st July 2017

  Comparing Email Marketing and Social Media When weighing up which marketing platforms to invest in, marketing professionals have a lot to think about.  A study completed by McKinsey and Company found that email marketing is a more effective way to gather new customers compared to social media.  However, the reasons behind this finding are more […]